mi casa

My favourite candles. Pomander is the best scent….got a fave from Diptyque?
I found this venetian mirror for a steal at a barn far upstate selling thrift/vintage items. The cedar trunk at the foot of the bed is thrifted (contains bed sheets and blankets)
Recent gift from Michael. I love sock monkeys. Anyone catch the car tv ad featuring one dreaming of being an adult hanging out at bars and nightclubs?
Nylon and UK Elle pile. My fave fringe bags collected over the years
Anyone have recommendations along the lines of these? (I’m still reading Power of Now)
Left: Magnets and pictures on the side of the fridge. Right: The clay house (bought in New Orleans) has mirrors for the windows/doors
My basket of crisps. How could this Brit not return to New York without these?
Michael in the kitchen
The hallway was all beige until I painted it (with no help so feeling quite chuffed) in these colours (painted the arch on the glass on the door too). Sir Oliver’s pawing on the door to go for walks means re-painting around the handle needs to happen more often
Far left: Stairs leading up to the second floor (rented) and ladder I painted in blue, leads to the roof. The hall mirror on the right was a flea market find
One of my favourite shots of Miles Davis plus another flea market found venetian mirror
An old trunk/treasure chest with leather handles acts a large side table on the end of the sofa (flea market find again)
Our wall of jazz pics. The one far right next to Sammy Davis Jr, is Miles Davis talking to Steve McQueen. Two legends sharing a joke
A few random shots taken.
K. x

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