which one?

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Bags: New York street vendor

I brought these two cloth bags with me to use while I’m here in St Lucia and am wondering if I should just hold onto one only?
Which colour should I keep? I know you’ve not seen the green one on me (yet).


  1. Taylor B. says:

    I like the green and I’m not usually a green person.

  2. blaqbird says:

    i like the green better.

  3. Eden says:

    Think the red one is better:)))

  4. Fay says:

    keep the red one, it could still be used going into fall.
    works better with darker/warmer colours.

  5. skeleta says:

    I like the red one. 🙂

  6. kiwaczek2 says:

    I agree with the most – green

  7. Nicky says:

    I love the green one, not sure why but my eye was drawn to it straight away =)

    Love, Nicky
    at: fashion-fruitcake.blogspot.com

  8. Lauxafarian Fashion says:

    It’s very India. Here in India we have lots of these….

  9. kuniko says:

    love the green one

  10. G E N I E says:

    Here in Mexico sell a lot of that type of bags!! in different color, textures and size!! 😀

    and I prefer the green one!! the combination of colors is prettier than the red one!



  11. ediot says:

    i would definitely go for the red one. so nice


  12. Doma says:

    Yes, I really like the green one too 😉

  13. Lipstick Diva says:

    I’d keep the green one as well. I think you can pair it with more outfits.

  14. Silvia says:

    keep the green one, so much more fresh!

  15. fashion clocked says:

    THey are both gorgeous… if i had to choose- id say green…. but both are completely divine!Would love you to visit sweetie!xxxx
    fashion clocked

  16. Taylor says:


  17. *rachelwears says:

    looove the green!!<3<3