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Shorts: Levis. Top: Urban Outfitters (clearance). Beaded bracelet. LF (necklace worn around wrist). Turquoise pendant: London (Spitalsfield market). Turquoise bracelet: Gift.

We’ve been bouncing around the island all week and took these pics at Windjammer Landings resort where we stopped off for lunch one day.

The rain came down right after taking these shots and cleared up within 5 minutes of it starting.

ps. Thanks for the below bag colour recs. Course I’m even more undecided but I’ll figure it out 😉


  1. Dominika says:

    amazing outfit! and amazing photos!

  2. the style crusader says:

    oh man this looks so insanely gorgeous! would love to be on an island that looks like that instead of in the UK… not as glamorous of an island or as sunny… and the rainy definitely lasts for longer than 5min! hope you enjoy it! p.s. that tops is awesome. xx

  3. Eden says:

    Love that top! And the turquoise necklace is lovely!

  4. Dree says:

    Love that flowy top and those shorts! very island appropriate! Hope you’re having a great time!

    Dree xx

  5. behindblueeyes says:

    wow amazing place ;D And I really like ur pics


  6. Camilla says:

    wonderful top, taking animal print to another level haha 🙂

  7. Martwa Marta says:

    i would rather be on the beach too!
    perfect summer look… your leo blouse is simply amazing!

  8. pkjb says:

    amazing top – love it. ck 🙂 c

  9. AnetteGreen says:

    this beach looks soo amazing..
    love the turquoise pendant!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Tropical print top for a tropical occasion….lol!

  11. *rachelwears says:

    that necklace is sooo gorge!

  12. ediot says:

    really fantastic photos. wow. i bet youre having a great time!
    take care and have lot of fun!

  13. Taylor says:

    st. lucia looks absolutely beautiful…and i love these pictures! my favorite is the one of you splashing in the water! hope you’re having a fun time exploring the island!

  14. The F Word Online says:

    these are gorgeous photos girl ! im so jealous of wherever you are. cause it looks like absolute paradise !

    xx lue

  15. Michelle Elaine says:

    jealous! i have to settle for a cold blue moon beer and the pool


  16. fashion clocked says:

    Wow love the sea shots and the bird pic is really incredible!!!Would love you to stop by. Katie.xx
    fashion clocked

  17. gina says:

    Love that shirt! Great beach photos.

  18. Alana Rae says:

    I’ve been a constant follower of your blog for some time now, and I have to say this is one of my favorite posts! I have a question, but if you are unable to get to it I understand:
    I’m leaving for St. Lucia on Thursday and I’ll be staying in Castries. Is there anything that you believe that I must do while I’m there? I basically haven’t planned anything yet – besides relaxing.


  19. jassy says:

    love the outfit, very chic, and simple and perfect for any fun event, even taking a brisk walk, great blog =]

  20. adrienne says:

    gorgeous photos!! that place looks so dreamy

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  22. Studded Hearts says:

    the location is just spectacular!
    so jealous of you right now.
    i want a tropical vacation so badly.