coat check

Lace dress: Thrift (got flash backs to this post when I wore it with the same necklace). Jacket: Zara (clearance sale). Bag: Alexander Wang. Fedora: Trash and Vaudeville. Boots: Fryes. Necklace: Vintage. Nails: Urban Outfitters. Lips: MAC: Violetta.
First time I’ve worn tights in ages. It was that cool today in New York. What’s going on?
You can tell I’m a fashion addict though because I smiled knowing it was my chance to wear this army jacket that was sitting in the coat room *rubs hands together*
I remember the assistant when I was buying it: “wow you found one? where was this?” Me: “errr. over there why?” Assistant: “we’ve had so many customers calling asking for it I’m suprised we still had one lying around. You got lucky.”
I had no idea it was sought after.
Either way, it was just what I wanted: a bit wrinkly, a bit worn in and big enough to wear a warm lining under it when it reeeeeally gets cold.

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