a day in the life

Lunch time at work:
Urban Outfitters changing room: Texting girlfriend pics of cheap bug eye specs and (gifted) crochet cardigan that delivered at the office
After work:
Met up with a friend for treacle pud and custard at a British caff in the West Village.
The ride home:
Taking random shots on the tube (ok ok…the subway)
The walk home:
My 10 minutes (alone thinking time) from the station to the house
At home:
Threw jeans on the bed and realized my pile of flares is growing… I love them more than skinnies anyway
Crochet cardigan (gifted from Etsy store here). Flare jeans: 18th Amendment. Top: Urban Outfitters. Bag (not seen but it’s this green one). Wedges: Old Nine West pair. Shades: Urban Outfitters. Connector ring: Forever21.
Photography: All by me using iPhone app Hipstamatic
My one random day last week. Thought I’d share it here.


  1. Caitlin says:


    What is Hipstamatic?

  2. ediot says:

    the cardigan is very very nice. and thanks for sharing this post- i really enjoyed it


  3. Wanderlusting says:

    Love the style of this… camera phone or not, they are gorgeous. BTW I love Flares more than skinnies too. Hope your influence can raise them up!

  4. Fashion Chalet says:

    THAT TOP, great effect on the images. SWEET POST ON MICHAEL btw! <3


  5. Diana says:

    ok, LOVE this post!

  6. Michelle Elaine says:

    is that ap only for the iphone?! 🙁


  7. Alena says:

    Really like your look and pictures are amazing!

  8. fight the fringe says:

    what an appropriate post for someone living in the city, love it! pretty sure i had this exact same day last week…minus the treacle pud and custard 🙂

  9. Sing says:

    Love the crochet cardigan with the flares. They were meant to be together.

  10. Eden says:

    Love your look and great shots:)))

  11. Tariro says:

    You look amazing!

  12. BRUUN by BRUUN says:

    Love your pictures !
    Do you edit them afterwards to make them look like old photos, I mean ?


  13. Merrill says:

    Like the look and I totally agree on the flares. I bought a pair just a few weeks ago, love them. I wore them with a white (shorter dan yours) crochet cardigan last week. 🙂

  14. Le Temps d'M says:

    I like your cardigan 😉

  15. Nita-Karoliina says:

    Great post. I also prefer flares..

  16. Amalina says:

    You should do more posts like these! I’ve always been curious in bloggers’ daily life and what they do on a daily basis… jealous of your growing pair of flares! It is SO difficult to find a pair where I’m from, it’s impossible… I’ve searched high and low, and online options are rather pricey!

    xo http://www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

  17. Haidée says:

    Cool. I have just been on the tube yesterday I LOVE LONDON. Whats the subway like??


  18. Rochelle says:

    Love the pictures of the doors. So beatutiful with the light coming through!

  19. Shhhh says:

    Cool pictures i love how you have made some of them look retro. I will def be downloading that app once i get an iphone

  20. Nicole says:

    i have a serious envy over your life right now.

  21. Elle :) says:

    I LOVE this post 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂 If you have time could you please check out my blog? 🙂 Thanks
    Much love

  22. Leigh says:

    a great post! really interesting!


  23. Karen says:

    Caitlin – an iphone app

    Fashion Snag – it’s a good time for it : )

    Sing – agreed. I didn’t plan on it either but when the cardi arrived that morning I flung it on and it worked.

    Amalina – maybe I will. I like the idea/concept.

    Nicole – really? why? it’s not as unusual as it may appear : )

    Fashion Chalet – and I meant every word!

    Haidee – it’s dirty. The platforms alone are the worst. Water in the tracks, rats and don’t even LOOK up at the ceiling!

  24. All Women Stalker says:

    Aren’t the iPhone photo apps wonderful? 🙂

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