random shots – nyfw

Photography by: Karen Blanchard
Some random shots I took during New York Fashion Week.
They range from Tommy Ton shooting Anna Dello Russo (love those shades), Kate Lanphear, off duty models, Garance Dore, Andrew Makumal from People’s Revolution with his (always) sick arm candy, random photographers at work, Elin Kling (who interviewed me about my outfit but I can’t read her website. arrghh!) and a (very) brief meet with Alexa Chung after the Mulberry show.
ps. I captured the above shots while teetering around in platforms!


  1. The Photodiarist says:

    Great details!! Love your shots of photographers taking photos. And your shot of Garance – one of my favorite bloggers.

  2. Francheska says:

    what can i say. you are a genius. a beautiful genius!x

  3. Francheska says:

    btw which image host website do you use? x

  4. S___y says:

    niiiiiice! everyone looked suave!


  5. Sing says:

    Great photos.

  6. bravegrrl says:

    gorgeous photos lady!

  7. caylee says:

    wow you took some amazing photos! LOVE la lanphear, love seeing tommy ton in action, but what i really love is that pic of elin! she never fails to blow my mind, and you captured her perfectly.

  8. Basilia says:

    Wow, NY fashion week looked like fun! Lucky you!

    I love your shots, especially the one with the man hands covered in cuffs and rings — INSANE!

    love your work Karen

    xoxo from Australia

    – Baz

  9. Veshoevius says:

    Great shots – love the ones of Anna Dello Russo

  10. Aimee says:

    Awesome shots! I love the white blouse with the colourful birds on it!

  11. Gemma Hayley says:

    You’re good at everything aren’t you?? *Jealous* And you met Alexa how awesome that must have been, she strikes me as such a nice girl (but us English girls are lovely anyway!). Another great post!! x


  12. sian l-b says:

    great photos!

  13. Sia says:

    The pictures are amazing and so is your style. I watch your video about your wardrobe the other day and got so many tips THANKS!! I’m also from East London and did a post called East Londonder last month. As soon as I finished it, I though about you, and I thought you might enjoy reading it.Here it is http://tumoe.blogspot.com/2010/09/east-londoner.html

    Love sia xx

  14. Shhhh says:

    Anna Dello Rossos dress is insane. Such awesome pics and i love how you caught the photographer taking a picture of that ladys fantastic shoes!


  15. Anonymous says:

    Great pics Karen, I love them. These are the best nyfw pics I’ve seen thus far.

  16. Sherrie Cola says:

    Loving some of these photos!

  17. Mcmaris says:

    Oh boy I love that girl in the purple skirt & that pink sheer shirt with the awesome tasseled bottom hem. And def love the heavy metal.
    Great photos!

  18. Li says:

    Great shots!

  19. Studded Hearts says:

    these pics are awesome karen!
    nice job! so jealous you were there haha.


  20. LA says:

    Great shots Karen!
    AdR is AWESOME!


  21. Dylana Suarez says:

    These are amazing shots!