Dress: Courtesy of LOVE. Boots: All Saints. Bag: LF (summer sale). Fedora: Trash and Vaudeville. Crucifix: Fashionology


This shabby chic black lace dress had my name all over it. I removed the slip it came with and instead layered it to show off the pattern. My crochet vest you’ve seen me wear (here) was worn on top for texture.
The shoulder is scallop trimmed and the flaps move around in the wind when walking. Almost like teeny lace wings!
I toughened the dress with the All Saints boots, but when it’s colder, I’ll layer it over knits and heeled boots and for night’s out over a mini dress or another maxi dress with black platform heels. God, I need to write these ideas down before I forget…!!
ps. Thanks for joining the leopard maxi dress giveaway (see Monday’s post). If you want in, follow me on Google Reader where I’m choosing the winner this Saturday. It’s to say thanks for following me on there (I’ll do other giveaways like this again I’m sure).


  1. Sarah Dee says:

    you look so great! this is one of my favorite outfits of yours!!


  2. Diana says:

    love the cross!

  3. BlueVanilla says:

    Great look on you….i love the styling!

  4. Christina of Profresh Style says:

    you look lovely Karen! I love the lace mixed with the crochet. What a look.

    It was wonderful hanging out with you at lunch during NYFW. You are so sweet and I really do hope you try the belt/maxi idea! Let me know how it goes!


  5. summer says:

    you look great that dress is amazing and you have given me new inspiration. and a side note thanks for turning me onto Jeffery Campbell i just got my first pair in the mail today…LOOOOOVE THEM!!! i had this random guy come stand next to me and do the stiff body stand to make himself appear taller than me lol

  6. Mali rêve... says:

    love very much the outfit!!

  7. "L" says:

    Very pretty!

  8. Liana says:

    omg love love love this outfit!gorgeous dress and that vest is great too!

  9. bravegrrl says:

    love the layers of black crochet and lace!

  10. sandhyaa says:

    first picture wid sun effect is so timeless…. love tht dress….i totally love ur styling…and u have very pretty eyes…. especially in profile picture they are looking so Smokey and deep….
    good day !

  11. thehautepursuit says:

    SEXAY!!!!! i love the lace-iness of the entire thing. it’s oh-so-karen!

  12. Lumpexoholiczka says:

    Karen your looks is absolutley amaizing!!
    I’m your big fans:D

    hav a nice day

  13. CHRISTERIC says:

    My god that dress is amazing!! Think I may purchase?

  14. Amy says:

    GREAT dress for you. I love the crucifix necklace, I’m obsessed with them lately.

  15. Malena says:

    Nice! Really nice!

  16. Gemma Hayley says:

    I love this look! xx

  17. Eden says:

    amazing shots!And that sheer dress or sth is absolutely GORGEOUS!so in love with lace/sheer clothes:)))