gee wa walker

Dress: Urban Outfitters (clearance). Crochet jumper: Housing Works. Fedora: Trash & Vaudeville. Boots: Solestruck. Rings: F21, street vendors, gift. long necklace: Foley & Corinna. Short necklace: Beacons Closet. Bag: Thrift (DIY studded)
On one of the last warm Sundays I wore the Gee Wa Wa’s. Side note: I have really cold feet so wearing boots when temperatures rise is normal.
The dress was first posted here and you already know the crochet jumper (sweater). I layered both and met friends for a long brunch. Those warm days are over. Expect jacket and coat posts only from now on.
These and the JC Litas are the two ‘omg wtf is she wearing on her feet’ expression inducers. Brilliant.


  1. Monroe Steele says:

    Love this ensemble. Great shoes. I too have a whoa what the hell are those pink things she’s walking on pair of shoes…lol. I get all kinds of looks. Great Post….check out my blog to see “the shoes”…

    xoxo Monroe

  2. kaye says:

    That dress and knit combo is absolutely perfect!! And I love the comment about your boots… that reaction from people is priceless.

  3. Nava says:

    LOL I love when people show me what they are really thinking of my outfit by just their facial expression! Keep up the good work the outfit looks gorg 🙂

  4. irina says:

    like the way you mix things, love your blog! new follower, please follow back if you like

  5. { I V Y } says:

    eeek the boots are mad!

  6. Jenise317 says:

    OMG those shoes are speechless. I could never walk in those. The only outfit is pretty insane and unexpected.

  7. FashionHippieLoves says:

    omg this outfit is perfection!
    I’m so in love with this look!


  8. Dirty Hair Halo says:

    I’m lovin’ the flimsy, barely there, feminine garments with those mean and heavy boots.

    What a perfect contrast. But, that’s nothing to new to you, that’s your thing.


  9. jennie going west says:

    these photos are gorgeous! (and so are you hehe)

  10. Sarah Lauren says:

    I absolutely love this outfit. Amazing shoes and jumper ^-^

  11. Sarah Dee says:

    the crochet is my favorite!!


  12. Jose Camacho says:

    Love the combination of that printed dress and crochet top!
    The color tone looks very calm together, but the boots make it look edgy yet elegant. As always, your jewelry finishes it off perfectly.

    Jose C.

  13. Lolo says:

    Love the look, very simple yet you pulled it off! You seem to wear very high heeled shoes…I am 5’10” and feel too tall beyond 2″ heels…plus the boyfriend is under 6″! Absolutely love your style!

  14. asha says:

    The boots are freaking amazing and I want them.


  15. Tugba says:

    U look soooo coooolllll 😉

    G blog 🙂

  16. Shamini says:

    beautiful dress!
    lucky you to be able to wear a dress mid-october! over here, we are already wearing faux-fur coats with 2 layers underneath!!

  17. Lyrica Onyrica says:

    yeah…I’ve purchased those shoes arround almost 3 weeks ago… I seriously can’t bear the wait anymoreeeeee!! Wanna feel the ‘omg wtf is she wearing on her feet” expression too!! 🙂

    Really like like like you post!


  18. emwhyte says:

    Great mix of textures – loving the jumper

  19. Nita -Karoliina says:

    Yet again, perfect look. You are so inspirational Karen!
    I beed to get that kind of a dress..
    Those shoes are brilliant.


  20. Camilla says:

    How are the Gee Was for comfort?, they actually look insanely comfy.
    and lovely layering haha:)


  21. Bobiknannie says:

    You are very nice and also your blog 🙂

  22. Anonymous says:

    Just a question.
    How many shoes do you have?


  23. YoQueSe says:

    qué guapa, me encanta ese vestido, y el sombrero es lo mas