reverse it

Jumper & Scarf: H&M. Tights: Topshop. Boots: Doc Martens (shop in Camden, London). Fringe bag: Thrift. Metal purse necklace: African shop (purchased last year).Rings: YSL, random street vendors
Took a drive today up to the Palisades, stopping off along the way to grab lunch.
Usually Oliver stays at home but we figured if he can do Woodstock in the summer he can definitely do this.
I’ve started un-earthing my jumpers (US translation: sweaters). The up/down of the hem sold it when I bought this one early this year. Remember when I wore it the other way with zebra skinnies here? This time I wore it with the tall DMs and this wide scarf (best buy of the month outside of the Litas).
Two older ladies earlier today: “oooo that’s a beautiful shawl.” “Thanks” I replied, “it’s reversible too – look” I lifted my arm exposing the other colour underneath. “Ahhhhhhh” they responded in unison.
Ah bless. They made me smile.

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