reverse it

Jumper & Scarf: H&M. Tights: Topshop. Boots: Doc Martens (shop in Camden, London). Fringe bag: Thrift. Metal purse necklace: African shop (purchased last year).Rings: YSL, random street vendors
Took a drive today up to the Palisades, stopping off along the way to grab lunch.
Usually Oliver stays at home but we figured if he can do Woodstock in the summer he can definitely do this.
I’ve started un-earthing my jumpers (US translation: sweaters). The up/down of the hem sold it when I bought this one early this year. Remember when I wore it the other way with zebra skinnies here? This time I wore it with the tall DMs and this wide scarf (best buy of the month outside of the Litas).
Two older ladies earlier today: “oooo that’s a beautiful shawl.” “Thanks” I replied, “it’s reversible too – look” I lifted my arm exposing the other colour underneath. “Ahhhhhhh” they responded in unison.
Ah bless. They made me smile.


  1. Bohemian says:

    I love the color of your sweater!

  2. Nita -Karoliina says:

    Really cool outfit. Those tights look nice.

    Cute doggie.

  3. Kcookski says:

    i want the scarf AND the dog. 🙂

  4. Camilla says:

    I have a necklace like that, except it’s from India.
    This jumper is such a beautiful colour

  5. Shakiya says:

    You look soo cute(as always) the mix of the colors and patterns is flawless! Love the jumper too!!! Tres chic Karen! That scarf I sooooo need to add to my collection!

  6. Dara U says:

    have those tight! love!!




    Ps. Tell Sir Oliver he looks quite dapper himself! 😉


  8. Jose Camacho says:

    Cute outfit- you can wear flats, boots, or heels!
    regardless I think you’re styling is always above par.
    The Jumper and Scarf has that vibrant yet soft color tones that I truly adore. And to finish it off with that shawl.. ahh! LOVE IT.

    Jose C.

  9. Taylor B. says:

    Was actually just checking out and debated (not for the first time) if I wanted these same tights or not. Then I see your blog post and it settled it. It must have been a sign. Thanks, Karen!

  10. Monroe Steele says:

    Those tights are awesome. Love the pattern. I also like your hair this way..very messy and beautiful. Great lip color too. This whole outfit is amazing and cute dog!

    xoxo Monroe

  11. naomi says:

    AH these tights! Infinite love.


  12. Ms_SyllyBee says:

    dope sweater and tights! and i think i have that exact same scarf. that would be crazy. I have to find mine.


    i wander, i wonder

  13. irina says:

    you look lovely dear! gorgeous outfit!

  14. Aimee says:

    Love your jumper and your scarf!

  15. Mali rêve... says:

    love this jumper…and the scarf..i have the same, but it’s a pashmina from Morocco…

  16. behindblueeyes says:

    You look stunning!
    I want your dc martens boots. Tights are awesome

  17. Malena says:

    Love great feeling of the outfit 🙂

  18. Blah Blah Becky says:

    I attended an event in Manchester (England) last week where someone was wearing those tights, SEE HERE. Did anyone see the bandage tights Cheryl Cole was wearing on The X Factor last night? They’re super-hot!

  19. Coral Prada says:

    Amazing look and blog! I love your style!!!
    Kisses from Spain!

  20. LOVE ME DO. says:

    i love this look 🙂
    you’re so beautiful!

  21. luisafernandadelmar says:

    This is perfection! I love the outfit, the colors, and you make it look even better 🙂

  22. Anonymous says:

    the shoes Olsen wear in the pic is by Chanel