the same but different

Boots: Forever21
Found these gems not too long ago. The wood stacks have the feel of these ACNE’s but for less moola. Same with the black studded a la Chloe Susan. Gets the look without jeopardizing rent.
You lot know I LOVE these All Saints to death but these two work for the switch.
And yes, they are actually comfortable and look better the more you wear them. Like your fave boots should really.
ps. See the same brown boots posted by Le Fashion —-> here


  1. britishbabe says:

    love the brown ones

  2. Nita -Karoliina says:

    Really great find- Nowadays Forever21 has been better than before. I snatched this lovely maxi skirt, cape and kitten heels not so long ago.

  3. Malena says:

    They’re not the same! They’re totally different 🙂

  4. Raspberry Jam says:

    Tats some nice boots!

    i like them!


  5. thehautepursuit says:

    i can’t believe we didn’t get those F21 chloe-rip offs here in Canada! I even went looking for them when i was in nyc in september. sadness 🙁

  6. Vanja says:

    I know the boot love :p
    I saved and bought the Acne Pistols and they’re AMAZING; perfect leather; perfect heel.
    I also have the All Saints fringe boots and they’re so comfy.
    As for the studded a la Chloe Susan’s I’d go with the Office knock off, pretty good.

  7. FashionableAsians says:

    I like the brown ones, the black is a bit too western XD

  8. chan? says:

    gorgeous boots,
    loving the black pair ! :]

  9. lellow says:

    great shoes, i like the location u choosed to pick the pictures haha! really nice

  10. Basilia says:

    I was contemplating getting the F21 boots. but I didn’t! I So wish I just got them!!

    Karen, you rock! Lots of love from Sydney

    Baz – <3

  11. Sunniva says:

    You should’ve been in Scandinavia, Acne knockoffs are everywhere! Every shoestore has them, great for everyone on a budget, sad for Acne. :p

  12. irina says:

    gorgeous boots! cant wait to see them on you in outfits…

  13. Your Lady. says:

    I’m soo exctited for Forever 21 to come to the UK apparently at the end of the year! I need the studded boots nearly bought the office/bronx ones today for £90!!! hurry up and come to the UK!


  14. Sera xo says:

    these are great..i really like the black ones !!!

  15. Shamini says:


  16. Nicole says:

    the forever21 boot are pretty cute and cheap!

  17. Dylana Suarez says:

    I love these so much! Especially the flat ones!

  18. Hanna says:

    Hej! Spana gärna in min blogg
    Där hittar du en rykande färsk TÄVLING, modekollage och annat skoj!

  19. taylor says:

    Killer Shoes!!
    Always enjoy reading your blog!! : )


  20. MOONBEAM says:

    Love your outfits, really good ones. I’ve a blog, I’d appreciate if u could have a look at it. Thanks!

  21. Sissi says:

    i want the black one!!!

  22. Karen says:

    Sona – that’s what I thought when I saw the original Chloe versions which to this day are amazing. So these will def do for a fix.

    Vanja – I’m jealous

    Sunniva – ugh… I would sooo love to get a pair from where you are.

    Britishbabe – how are you?

    Your Lady – Yes I heard that too.

  23. RedHead says:

    Are those black studded ones from office? I have them, I love them, but the studs rub my toes something awful. Shame. It’s impossible to find 100% beautiful 100% comfortable shoes, it seems.

  24. caylee says:

    if i didn’t just buy a similar brown pair from h&m, i’d get these! but i do love my studded ones 🙂

  25. Insane Pink says:

    Haha, just recently someone told me about some shop keepers in Asia using this expression “same, same but different” when they are trying to sell you something, even they don’t have what you are looking for.

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