wide angle

More pics from upstate going up later. Probably tomorrow. I’m a bit knackered tonight.
Soon as it stops raining here long enough, I’m wearing these again for a few days straight.
Jeans: Seven for All Mankind


  1. Follow me home says:

    The YSL ring just hits me in every photo!! its a beauty. x

  2. Scorpion Disco says:

    brings me back to middle school when my only care in the world was finding the perfect flare legs (at limited too, but still…!)

    Love em, soooo glad they’re back!



  3. edk.dolce says:

    from what i can see, you’re whole outfit is amazing!!

  4. Sissi says:

    they are stunning! great jeans!

  5. healy says:

    love the flare and the accessories. . .super like the angle=)

  6. cla-sib says:

    love your jeans!

    xoxo claudia

  7. Malena says:

    Want to see the complete outfit!

  8. Eleanor says:

    wow – so cool!! love the jeans… and the YSL ring – fabulous!! 🙂 thanks for another great post – im coming to your blog everyday now! xxxx http://improcrastinate.blogspot.com

  9. Shamini says:

    loving it!
    and that ring is absolutely gorgeous!

  10. noura. says:

    omg i LOVE you

  11. Suzanne says:

    You wear them so well, I think I might just start wearing mine again as well!

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