teddy bear

Jacket: Thrift. Dress: Thrift (Beacons Closet). Shoes: Converse (DIY studded). Bag: Alexander Wang. Black stone ring: YSL. Rest: Street vendors/gift. Fedora: Trash & Vaudeville
Teddy bear coat + vintage sequins + converse + hat = Karen. In other words, it’s me if that makes sense.
God did I love the Burberry F/W 2010 version though (along with errrr a zillion others). Click on the 4th pic from the top here. Topshop has a version here I love – I just can’t afford it. Hate to say it, but I bet it’s a bit cheaper in England.
Pics taken one day last week in the Lower East Side.
ps. The older these Converses get, the better they look. I’d be impressed if anyone knows how many times I’ve posted wearing them on my blog… anyone?


  1. Helena from BrooklynBlonde says:

    I love Beacons Closet!

    You look gorgeous and I love the combo of the dress with the coat!

  2. Diana says:

    PERFECT! Love these! 😉

  3. Li says:

    Love the sequins paired with fur!

  4. Jackie says:

    ahh you’re such a cutie! I fricken LOVE that sequence dress 🙂 xoxo; ♥Jackie

  5. elsiee says:

    I LOVE your version!!!!

  6. Michelle Elaine says:

    the dress makes me think of cotton candy and mermaids 🙂


  7. The Photodiarist says:

    I like it. Eclectic combo. Love the converse.

  8. Amy says:

    Love the dress. I got a short pastel number with sequins from Urban Outfitters recently – it’s such a great combo.

  9. Delita says:

    You look gorgeous! LOve your dress and shoes. Great combination. Good job 🙂

  10. Camilla says:

    I love the mix here.

    doing a giveaway on ma blog


  11. jane says:

    PERFECT!!! I’m in love with your hat ^^

  12. Louise says:

    Love the dress – the colors are perfect. And the shoes … i should know this, I was trawling through your archives today for summer inspiration (In a totally non-stalker way I can assure you) I am going to hazard a guess and say 10?! They are super cool. I’ve always wondered how you do your DIY studding? I really want to give it a go but have no idea where to start (Probably a good thing or I’d stud everything from my pants to my teddy bear)

  13. Aimee says:

    Crazy dress! Love it with that jacket!

  14. Eden says:

    amaazing dress:)))

  15. Anonymous says:

    blimey, the faux fur coat you’re talking about at Topshop is a whole £70 cheaper in the UK than in the US!! Even over here in UK it is vastly overpriced at £250!!!

  16. sharonlei says:

    Karen, that dress is all kinds of AMAZING! and so are the Converses. 😀

    xx Love & Aloha

  17. Tariro says:

    I love your sneakers!

  18. Kat says:

    Love the dress! You must have looked like a furry diamond when the sun shone on you.

  19. Malena says:

    It reminds me one of the SATC episode 🙂 Funny but stylish!

  20. Valerie says:

    That coat is really nice 🙂 Love the pics also!!!

  21. TheMinx says:

    gorgeous dress!!