new addictions

Army jacket: Zara (clearance). Dress: Thrift. Vintage Fryes (eBay). Hat: Jessica Simpson (clearance bin). Bag: Alexander Wang. Amor ring: Random midtown NY shop. Necklace: LF. Small crucifix: W hotel boutique.

Yep. I’m semi addicted to the army jacket. Why I never got one years ago is beyond me.
Here’s the ring I found about 2/3 weeks ago ish and posted on twitter when I got it. Join me (here) to see what pics of stuff I get before it appears on the blog (it’s instant on twitter).
I have a couple of old Fryes, like these ones posted before (here), but the ones I’m in above are definitely the faves.
What are you guys doing this Sunday? I can’t believe it’s October already.

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