Dress & Fryes: Thrift/Vintage. Bag: Foley & Corinna vintage.
The Lamb after party I attended during New York Fashion Week.
Loads of models, famous faces (pic 4 is Kanye) and free drinks. I had a good time. After a week though of going out I was knackered (I think I was about to yawn in pic 3, don’t look at it too long or it’ll be contagious).
Long time readers know this maxi number worn before here.


  1. gucci watches says:

    Although I do agree with your post, I have my own reservations

  2. Diana says:

    Did you think Kanye is tiny in real life or is it just me?

  3. Sing says:

    So many facial expressions in pic 5. To caption all of those would be very fun.
    Still loving that thrifted dress.

  4. gucci online shop says:

    I love the way you directly get to the point,inspired

  5. Mali rêve... says:

    love love this dress and the boots!!

  6. Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 says:

    i love the black shoes in the second pic, they are absolutely gorgeous, too good looking and i would give my teeth to own such a pain, being a shopping buff, i love buying things like these shoes

  7. Eden says:

    looove your dress! its just amazing:)))

  8. behindblueeyes says:

    you look awesome! nice dress

  9. Missy Cheeks says:

    Gwen dress is so cool i like the african pattern!!
    u are shining with that long dress.

  10. Fashion Butter says:

    Gwen does not age, does she – awesome.

  11. juniee says:

    what a BEAUTIFUL dress!!!! love everything about it..

  12. Nyemale says:

    I’m SO jealous of your life, aahhh! That color looks amazing on you and that bag is to die for!

    FauxFur, not Friendships

  13. Nita -Karoliina says:

    You lucky girl.

    Gorgeous outfit head to toe!

  14. Shamini says:

    beautiful dress!
    and nice party! lucky you!

  15. "L" says:

    One word: Lucky!

  16. Camilla says:

    haha, that dress is divine.


  17. Glamour Bbey. says:

    I love her clothes! Awesome!

  18. Ana says:

    Lucky duck!! I’m quite jealous of you.

  19. Creme De La Kravitz says:

    Cool. This seems like an awesome party. Seriously.

  20. alicia xoxo says:

    your streetstyle inspires me so much!!!
    i am dying to visit New York, and when i do i am using your blog as inspiration for my packing!
    you do a great job! love your blog!

  21. gucci watches says:

    thx sharing,i do agree with your point about fashion

  22. CMA says:

    love that look on gwen!
    come visit COSMICaroline, it’s being revamped and fired up!


  23. irina says:

    amazing dress

  24. Miss Oh' says:

    How I love that dress, I wouldn’t walk away from that one .. Lovely styling, as always!