snake bite

Leopard poncho: Nasty gal (worn before here). Wool jumper: H&M for men. Snake bite leggings by Stylestalker: Spanish Moss (available here). Boots: Steve Madden. Bag: LF. Hat: Makin. Shades: Ray Ban. Lips: MAC in ‘Show Orchid’
Men’s jumpers are better than the women’s. You get lost in them and don’t have to pull the sleeves down. Brilliant.
Normally I’d wear plain leggings or skinnies with jumpers like this, but these corset versions got me. A bit like wearing suspender tights. It’s a spin on a basic. Bonus points: Be cat woman for Halloween. Speaking of basic spinners, I’m with you lot on the GZ boots. I can’t even wait to blog post wearing them.


  1. Tariro says:

    Love your shoes!

  2. Monroe Steele says:

    love this look. ive been thinking of getting those leggings but they are kinda pricey…gotta save up lol. Love that lip color on u

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  3. Ms_SyllyBee says:

    i love the first picture with the leopard print! men’s jumpers are the best, aren’t they, and so are their flannels, but I reserve those mostly for sleeping 🙂

    i wander, i wonder

  4. Cosmotex says:

    you have mutha fu*king style (this is you inspiring me)

  5. Vintage and Cake says:

    Love this, those leggings are so pretty I love the way they link together and the boots are beyond ! I would never be able to wear heels that high, fab and I love the the MAC lippy on you. Happy new year xxx

  6. Camilla. says:

    I love those trousers so much.

  7. Shevah says:

    Amazing, amazing, amazing leggings.

  8. Tastes Eclectic Fashion says:

    Amazing! I love the leggings paired with the men’s jumper. Your lipstick is brilliant too.

  9. Sassi says:

    your leggins are so great! never seen them before! It looks perfect on you.

  10. Freya ♥ says:

    Fantastic post!
    Those snake bite type legging/tights, whatever you might call them, in this case suspender tights, they’re amazing, they’d be good for putting an edge on some of the spring trends.
    Loved the cardi in the first pic!
    And gorgeous boots, I can’t wait either!
    Freya at
    (new blog name)

  11. The Dandizette says:

    I adore the leggings but have resigned myself to the fact that my legs aren’t the skinniest and therefore would probably look a little naff on me 🙁 YOU my dear look stunning in them!


  12. Anja says:

    Interesting leggings! 🙂

  13. Twins says:

    Nice pics! I like the one where you play with the sunshine!! This lipstick its just nice on you!! Im afraid that on blond girl like me it looks too much barbie girl!! Maybe great for my Twins sister who is brunette 😉

  14. Juliet says:

    FANTASTIC pictures!
    you look gorgeous darling!
    I really love your jumper and your hat!
    so chic and casual!!
    xxx from Spain!
    happy 2011!

  15. Morgiss says:

    great outfit ;o)

  16. Glamour Bbey. says:

    Wow dear your sweater is amazng! xxx

  17. Nita -Karoliina says:

    I have the same style stalker leggings but of course you wear them better!

    Those Madden boots are so popular right now among the bloggers. Allmost like Lita’s!

    Great look!