the 6 hour rich b*tch

Jacket: Chanel. Harem jeans: H&M. Shoes: Balenciaga (I have the brown version for sale in my shop). Rings: Street vendors. Black bead bracelet (my Mum).
When Glamour magazine emails asking if you fancy taking pics styling a Chanel jacket for a feature and that they’ll messenger the jacket over for a few hours – you say yes. I know I bloody well did since it’s my first and (probably) last time I’ll ever wear one.
They ended up choosing a black harem pant/brogue/hat combo but my favourite was the above.
Yes – these pics were taken months ago when it was baking and yes, I slightly whimpered when the jacket was returned. In the words of Pretty Women’s room mate: I felt like Cinder f**king rella…..For a few hours.

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