Sleeveless T: Unif. Hat: ASOS
I took this self shot earlier tonight.
I’m getting sloooowly addicted to Unif. Ugh – bloody crack I tell you (Remember the witchcraft?)

ps. Anyone here going to fashion week? I’ll be taking loads of shots to show you when I go.


  1. Emilia says:

    love the hat 🙂

  2. Sassy says:



  3. TheMinx says:

    I’m so obsessed with unif tee 🙂

  4. letiziabarcelona says:

    love love the sleeveless tee shirt, it rocks !

  5. Twins says:

    I like your t-shirt! I already see her on an other blogger but don’t remember wich one…
    Hat fit your really perfect! In french you stay “tête à chapeau”.
    Have a nice day bella!!! xx


    I would like to go…i am even thinking of taking the day off! Nice hat 🙂

  7. bravegrrl says:

    rock n roll! love that tee xoxo

  8. ♥ LOLA ♥ says:

    cute & simple…I LOVE that hat

    i wish i were going to Fashion Week, im in Toronto diggin out of snow 🙁

    XOXO Genevieve&

  9. tobes says:

    i want tha hat!! <3

  10. KellyJoy says:

    Love both the t-shirt and the hat! I’m going to the fashion blogger conference tomorrow and I’ll definitely try to say “hello”, but I’m sure you’ll be surrounded by many admirers:))

  11. Sia says:

    What a cool top! x

  12. Wynn says:

    I have to go to Fashion Week one day! Have a fun!! 🙂

  13. amalie says:

    love unif tees!

  14. loveletters says:

    something regal about you….even wearing “grunge” material. it’s awesome.

  15. Isla Rose says:

    Damn, I love this, amazing on so many levels!

  16. Glamour Bbey. says:

    Love your hat and shirt! xx

  17. Alexandra says:

    Love the hat ! It’s awesome!

    alexandra @

  18. Britney says:

    Need that hat!

  19. caylee says:

    omg karen i haven’t visited your blog or left a comment in weeks! what the f?! lol, you look amazing here; that tee is badass and the hat is the perfect touch. spendin the next few minutes catching up on all of your recent posts!


  20. purse 'n boots says:

    gypster, here’s the deal—you need to open a hat store, with all of your fabulous hats, and then i will come in and be your best customer, and buy them all. seriously it’s starting to bother me–the awesomeness of your hat collection that is. and where is this magical cobbler? if someone could fix my acne’s i would be the happiest italian stallion in the world! so jealous of all of your nyfw glamour—panels, swag bags, parties…..too cool for school gypster. what’s not cool is the fact that i still can’t find your ring (which i already paid for). going on a massive ring hunt this weekend, if i can’t find it by monday, im going to get you another one. that is if you still want it and you can forgive me for being the biggest deadbeat gypster ever. love!!!!!


  21. blazerwhore says:

    t-shirt and hat are freaking awesome!!

  22. Wynn says:

    Awesome combo of hat + t-shirt!

  23. Karen says:

    Jose – ha ha!! you saw me.

    Purse n Boots – lolol!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh just hurry up already with your bloody excuses ; )

    Caylee – Hello you.

  24. the style potato says:

    amazing blog you have there – i wonder if you can give me some advice actually….i also came here to nyc from london about 5 months ago and there are 2 places i miss the most – brick lane and camden town. do you know of any places that are very similar?? and please keep up the blog, i’ve been a follower for a long time. thanks!

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