studs + fur

Fur Jacket: Topshop. Harem jeans & grey jumper: H&M. Bag: Vintage & DIY studded. Fedora: Trash & Vaudeville. Necklace: The Stellar Boutique. Gloves: Accessorize <--- another British born brand opened in New York (union square)
I remember when Topshop released this Kate Moss jacket (a year ago ish?). I think I almost flew into the shop and it took me at least half an hour to decide between two sizes. That poor assistant, listening to me agonize….Thank GOD Topshop had already opened in New York by then because having to order it online and deal with sizing would have been a pain in the you know what.
ps. Tomorrow morning I’m on the opening panel for the IFB conference (Our section is at 9am and I’m not morning person). You can watch the live stream here. Crap – I should go to bed soon…

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