asos final – a man’s world

Enjoy the vid – you need sound 😉

Harem trousers, belt, boots, shirt, watch: ASOS. Hat: Fab 208 NY (now on sale via ASOS Marketplace)

Well – this is it. The ASOS Stylist final is here and this is my last outfit for it.
The ASOS brief? Wear head to toe ASOS and style it all around 1 item in my wardrobe that I will donate for sale on the ASOS market place site. I decided to style around my leopard print hat (don’t worry, I have another leo hat I found and pick up soon LOL!!!!).
Colour wise I went with grey and browns. I like the idea of mixing cool and warm colours (esp grey and gold).
Thank you EVERYONE who has got me this far by voting. I am only in this Final because of you and I’m VERY aware of that. As you know I’m up against a huge blogger (with over 15,000 facebook likes – um hello?) so statistically I’ll probably lose this (unless everyone who reads this votes).
Even though it’s harder for me to win, I’m not bloody well going down without a fight and getting this far is an achievement in itself – regardless of the results next week. You readers have shown me that.
How to help me win the Final next week:
Vote under my name on the ASOS facebook HERE. The person with the most votes – wins!!! (plus if you vote, you are automatically in with a chance to win $400 shopping spree).
Thanks guys and thank you ASOS for choosing me to be a part of this super fun project.


  1. Sia says:

    Perfection!!! I die for that hat, love Sia x

  2. Anonymous says:

    Killing. it. K for the win!

    (No matter what happens: whether you win or whether you lose – you have won just by taking part and displaying your incredible style and amazingly good grace).

    Luck! And loving the whole damn outfit. The bound hair and rings especially. Attention to detail, ftw.


  3. Catherine says:

    I voted for you. Adore your look and those booties are a-ma-zing! <3

  4. eloiselabetise says:

    Great outfit! You look gorgeous! I love the shoes and the hat! Good luck in the competition, I’ll be voting for you 🙂 xxxx

  5. Inquiring Mind says:

    :ov the whole outfit!!! How can I vote? I voted last time but now it is asking about an email do I need to register with the site or something?

  6. The Photodiarist says:

    I have a hat just like that . . . wear it all the time. But I got mine at The Hat Shop on Thompson street in Soho.

  7. Em says:

    I’m really rooting for you! I wish you the best of luck, but you won’t win because of pure luck; That’s quite a fabulous outfit you’ve got there.


  8. Sian says:

    Voted for you. I actually think as a stylist you are by far the superior, so you’re definitely the winner in my eyes.

    Sian. x

  9. Helena from BrooklynBlonde says:

    Awesome video, awesome outfit and a huge congrats!!! Voted for you! Good luck!

  10. Alina S. says:

    Every detail on this outfit is perfect. You deserve to win!

  11. liv says:

    Just voted for you gorgeous lady. I hope you win. I know you definitely SHOULD win.
    I always leave your blog inspired.
    You have the best outfit post!

    x x x x Liv

  12. Johanna & Charles says:

    My vote is in! You have a wonderfully unique style either way. Good luck!

  13. Linka says:

    My favorite outfit! I LOVE IT!!!

  14. Margarita's Blog Spot says:

    Cute outfit, even cuter video. You rock, hope you win 🙂

  15. Gia says:

    I voted for you, cause’ you’re so unique!