asos final – a man’s world

Enjoy the vid – you need sound 😉

Harem trousers, belt, boots, shirt, watch: ASOS. Hat: Fab 208 NY (now on sale via ASOS Marketplace)

Well – this is it. The ASOS Stylist final is here and this is my last outfit for it.
The ASOS brief? Wear head to toe ASOS and style it all around 1 item in my wardrobe that I will donate for sale on the ASOS market place site. I decided to style around my leopard print hat (don’t worry, I have another leo hat I found and pick up soon LOL!!!!).
Colour wise I went with grey and browns. I like the idea of mixing cool and warm colours (esp grey and gold).
Thank you EVERYONE who has got me this far by voting. I am only in this Final because of you and I’m VERY aware of that. As you know I’m up against a huge blogger (with over 15,000 facebook likes – um hello?) so statistically I’ll probably lose this (unless everyone who reads this votes).
Even though it’s harder for me to win, I’m not bloody well going down without a fight and getting this far is an achievement in itself – regardless of the results next week. You readers have shown me that.
How to help me win the Final next week:
Vote under my name on the ASOS facebook HERE. The person with the most votes – wins!!! (plus if you vote, you are automatically in with a chance to win $400 shopping spree).
Thanks guys and thank you ASOS for choosing me to be a part of this super fun project.

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