Skinny cargos: Uniqlo. Knit jumper & Shearling jacket: Forever21. Black tank underneath: American Apparel. Bag: Vintage Coach. Boots: Jeffrey Campbell. Shades: Ray Ban. Surplus shots on facebook
Been meaning to post this outfit ages ago. No time like the present since I hear tomorrow and Friday it’s raining cats and dogs here. Lovely.
My black skinny jeans that I’m forever posting (scroll back a couple of pages and you’ll run right into them) are from Uniqlo so getting their skinny cargos made sense since I like how they cut.
Still can’t believe clocks go forward this weekend. Finally.


  1. Maria says:

    Omg, I love the pants! Gorgeous as always, Karen, keep it up 🙂 xx

  2. says:

    cargos and camel accessories is an amazing combo! love it

  3. Jessica says:

    Cool pants! You’re rocking it

  4. ANGUILLAGRL says:

    Great as always!!! Got my April issue of Lucky today and u r in it!!! You have an ad page for Lucky Style Spotter….just sayin cuz’ I know sometimes ur the last to know!!!! LOL!!

  5. says:

    Karen, there is just something about seeeing you in the more simple pieces like the one in this post. Keep inspiring us!

  6. Liz says:

    Love those skinny cargos, looks so lovely with
    the Jeffrey Campbell boots

  7. Dylana Suarez says:

    Amazing pants!


  8. Yanique says:

    I LOVE the outfit, even though its casual its INTRIGUINGLY CHIC. Especially dig your pairing of muted colors………….AMAZING.


  9. Camilla. says:

    Love the fit, need to pop down to uninqlo and get myself some x

  10. Style Taxi says:

    Looks like the perfect outfit for a sunny sunday afternoon. Like the combination of skinny pants and loose top.

  11. Shini says:

    Ermz I have the same pants BUT WHY DOES IT FIT ON YOU LIKE THAT and like poopants on me :'( Great to see you in simple pieces, I agree!

  12. Pau says:

    You look amazing!

  13. Tali says:

    Perfect outfit, inspires me to get these (or lookalike) pants & jumoper too!
    but does the clock goes forward on 27th? you caught me by surprise here))

  14. Ivania says:

    these pictures are insanely gorgeous!
    the colors suit you soo well!

  15. Wynn says:

    Those cargo pants are so cool! If only we have Uniqlo here…

  16. Isla Rose says:

    You’re such a stunning girl! And you wear your cloves brilliantly x

  17. Catherine says:

    totally love this outfit! those cargo pants are awesome! xxx

  18. F@WearItWithFlair says:

    It’s a lot simpler than most of your usual outfits, but I really, really, like it!
    I’m a huge fan of ‘army’ style, and you rocked it!
    And the JC boots just finished the look. PERFECTLY. 🙂