Chinos: Uniqlo. Jumper: H&M (clearance 2010). Boots: Jeffrey Campbell. My girlfriend has this boot version worn with collar up and they’re gorge. Jacket: Vintage. Bag: Vintage. Shades: Urban Outfitters. Black onyx ring: YSL. Index finger ring next to it: Anatara (sooooo pretty in real life). Red stone ring & cuff: Vintage.
Took these pics a while ago before the crappy snow/sleet/rain going on outside hit (yes, it’s snowing again in New York. Typical). Outside of the harems I like wearing these slouchy chinos are as comfy. Messy cuff optional. I can see me wearing these with old chuck taylors or these brogues.
Everything else you’ve seen before like the slouchy fishermen jumper found on clearance last year which confirms why I’ll never stop looking in those sections. Just the right amount of sheerness and it feels like suede. The bag was a find via Gyspy Nation. I literally removed it from the seller’s shoulders when she answered “yes – it’s for sale too” I’ll take that thank you very much! LOVE the guitar looking wide strap and how long it hangs!!
OMG tomorrow (see below post). Time to go try on some stuff….Argghhh!


  1. ANGUILLAGRL says:

    Outfit is brilliant!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag!!!! Have fun tomorrow!!!

  2. Amandita says:

    Oh I know how it feels, with the snow and all… It was snowing 3 or 2 weeks ago here in Sweden as well and it felt horrible.. U sit there and wonder if spring is ever going to arrive…I know.. Pretty annoying… I hope it comes soon, because I cannot wait to see what are you going to wear for spring/summer…
    Ps. Im in love with that vintage bag!

  3. letiziabarcelona says:

    Hey Karem, I love all these rings, they’re sooo pretty!

  4. amalie says:

    love this! such a great sweater – looks really comfy! and gorgeous bag.

  5. Camilla. says:

    I love those shoes

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    xx Camilla

  6. Fruh says:

    i love your shoes *.*

  7. LA says:

    Love the mix of colours here, great rings!


  8. Catherine says:

    AWESOME! Totally love it <3

  9. Nita -Karoliina says:

    The weather here is really depressing right now..
    Cute look!

  10. Karolina says:

    Sweater is the best! Love the pants,socks and jewellery too!

  11. Juliette says:

    I love your style maaan! The jewelry are incredible!

  12. Sia says:

    Loving those heels! Love Sia x

  13. shawnte says:

    you look amazing! and i love that bag

  14. Susan says:

    Hey, killer boots!

    I love your style and the way you articulate yourself. Really cool blog. I just lived in the UK for 3 months and could almost identify everything under your “What I miss about London” list…all of the funky walker crisp flavors like prawns haha. So great! Wish I lived in New York – I would be at Topshop to hear you speak tonight!

    Hope it goes well!


  15. Pepper says:

    wow completely love this look. you look fantastic.

  16. Corie says:

    I love all of the looks that you post, but this one in particular is one of my favs. I love the cute, casual look .

  17. Kerrie says:

    love your jumper and bag!♥♥

  18. Malena says:

    Love it!

  19. Chrystyle says:

    Love the laid back look.

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  20. Oracle Fox says:

    ummmmm excuse me!!! where is this bag from! and why have i not seen it before!!?? does it have a little twin out there, hehehe!! must send you a proper email, freakishly busy 🙁 xxx

  21. MosaMuse says:


  22. Trop Rouge says:

    Can you stop having really cool shoes!? haha I love these and the sweater is kinda sick//amazing//total killer.
    see ya soonish

  23. Feeona says:

    I looooooove those boots!

  24. MeMe says:

    I think Im gonna come over to US and steal that amazing bag of yours :)))

  25. stylorectic under medical treatment says:

    hey babe, whats up?you look great and congrats to the topshop thing!they did the right choice for sure!
    i would come around but i have things to do here you know x).

  26. LAS says:

    you’re wearing the bag!!!! stop stealing my fringes, i’m gonna snipe you next time 😉

    you look fab as always- love the open knit sweater!!! xoxo lauren