topshop – effing brilliant

Outfit: Topshop. Wedges: Topshop Unique. Indigo’s blue dress is here.
Finally posting pictures from the Topshop writing/blogging event held Thursday & Friday to launch their 214 instore magazine.
Considering I don’t do public speaking, I was strangely calm. Fashion columnist Indigo Clarke and I both wore Topshop items we chose. My dress is available in the shop but not (currently) on the website. This one would have been a possible 2nd choice. We sat close to the shop windows where people passing by would pop in to have a listen. The event felt intimate and very personable which was the best environment to encourage dialogue while mini cupcakes were passed around. It was brilliant to be face to face with customers and bloggers alike. The Q&A was the best part at the end since it was a chance to answer the questions that all bloggers have had at some point. The night ended with us having pictures taken and chatting with everyone. (More pics on the WDUGT facebook here).
On night 2 I wore a floor length tie dye dress with a huge key hole cut out on each side of the waist with the same wedges and a floppy hat.
A huge thank you to Topshop, Indigo and to everyone who came out. One topic from the event was us sharing any career high points we have had thus far.
Without a doubt, this was most definitely one of them.



    ooohhh, those wedges made my heart skip a beat :)))

  2. Lela says:

    That is so awesome. The wedges are tuggin’ at the heartstrings haha.

    Lela London – Fashion Blog

  3. Karolina says:

    These wedges are amazing! The dress is gorgeous too!

  4. Emily says:

    Great that you’ve enjoyed the events!
    Awesome outfit too!

  5. LINDHO says:

    shit you looked fab!

  6. maphi says:

    you look so lovely xoxo

  7. Dodo says:

    So cool that you could do that! I wish we had a Topshop near by but luckily shipping is only 5 pounds! And I love that dress *runs to topshop site*

  8. F@AStylishBlur says:

    I’m glad you had a great time, I’ll defo be picking up this new in-store mag, it’s gotta be good, right?
    Your sky high wedges are so beautiful!


  9. Audrey Allure says:

    You were absolutely great! Loved hearing your experience and insight; and you looked beautiful in that lace dress!

  10. Emily says:

    Wow Karen – love that dress! I haven’t been to Topshop in forever – I might need that outfit in my life though! Looks like you had a fabulous time – so bummed I missed it!
    xo Emily

  11. Vani says:

    Your dress is fantastic! 🙂

  12. Carrie says:

    This was so fun, you and Indigo did an amazing job. I learned so much, been workin’ on my blog all day!
    XO, girl in the leopard coat.

  13. bravegrrl says:

    you look stunning!

  14. Charlotte Olivia.♥ says:

    my days – you look AMAZEing 🙂
    love the socks and wedge combo with the pretty girly dress.

    ao jealous i wasn’t there – Topshop in england should fly you out – i would LOVE to hear your advice

  15. Maycie After Five says:

    Ooh. You looked so cute! I wish I had access to the Q & A part. There’s so much to learn.

  16. donejustforfun says:

    Nice blog and lovely dress!
    follow us 🙂

  17. THE says:

    COOL cool cool!!! Why did I miss that… too bad!!

    You look fab girl! Lovin your blog big time

    xo thefashionguitar