WDUGT – mixing up fur

Bumped into Lolitta at Milk Studios recently. Her combination of furs with stripes and cargo trousers looks sooo luxe (loved her leopard print with the shoes). I HAD to do a WDUGT on her.

Found these to get a similar look:
1. Yoox striped blazer.
2. Aldo wedges (these are the ones she wore).
3. eBay fur stole (you can find loads there or on etsy or vintage shops).
4. Express leopard tights but I think she’s in leopard socks which I love (my leo socks were last seen here from H&M).
5. Uniqlo cargo trousers.
6. Forever21 necklace.
More vids to come. I’m always stopping people in the street and asking WDUGT so finally decided to start recording it.


  1. beneath the glass says:

    love it! her outfit is very chic and utilitarian at the same time, so classy. and i love the video, what a great idea. can’t wait to see more of these.

    oh, and good luck with the Asos competition, I think you would make an amazing stylist 😀

    Beneath the Glass

  2. ♥Run With Fashion♥ says:

    I love her necklace, so nice! love her fur stole and wedges <3

  3. Amandita says:

    Great outfit… she is adorable =)

  4. lučiak says:

    I love her outfit!!!

  5. KellyJoy says:

    Enjoyed this video, great feature!

  6. Hazel says:

    brilliant idea on recording it! 😀

  7. made-to-travel.com says:

    oh man!!! i just saw on fb re: asos…i totally voted a few times and think you are wonderful and have outstanding taste. thanks so much for sharing all your great finds and outfits…and congrats a million for making it so far in the asos competition…big big virtual hug.

  8. F@WearItWithFlair says:

    Oh, and too bad you didn’t win The Asos Future Stylist, but your outfits were amazing and you did a SUPER great job, and you were a great inspiration!
    Who cares if you were only a runner up?!


  9. Lolitta says:

    She is very cute (also, my namesake:) Weird, because I had to look twice at the post..I’ve met a Lolita or two, but never a Lolitta! That’s exactly how I spell my name and I always say that’s what sets me apart from the Lolita’s with ONE T. LOL!!!

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