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Rings from Planet Blue and Mania Mania

The before:

An inexpensive necklace I liked (found at a random jewellery shop)

The after:

I preferred it cleaner looking with the rings alone and balls removed (used pliars)

I can’t get enough of fringe jackets & loved this old men’s one found at the Brooklyn flea. Been wearing them a lot in between blog pics
Grey suede shawl with fringes that almost touch the floor. Perfect.
Cotton maxi dress

Took this sneak shot in the changing room at the Artist & Flea market (it’s from Gypsy Nation). The owners told me they’ve seen some of you visiting after the blog post about them. Hope you liked it there : -)

The long black neck piece and brass coin necklace are from the Brooklyn flea
A snippet of recent finds.
ps. Thanks everyone for the ASOS votes and support. I didn’t get enough votes to win but it was fun taking part 🙂

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