Fedora: ASOS. Shirt: via Shiny Plastic Hag. Leggings: American Apparel. Ring: Mania Mania per the below post (Oracle I blame you for this). Winkle pickers: Trash & Vaudeville. Fur jacket: Vintage flea market (love this version online). Bag: Thrift + DIY studded
Don’t like the buses over here. Call me biased but they take forever (longer than in London so Brits, don’t complain – try waiting for one over here) and I still haven’t got the hang of their routes. I’ll stick to the underground from now on I think.
Best bit about last weekend was how warmish it was, so the shirt arrived just in time (the last post in a checked shirt was this one?). Plus I got to wear the red boots that I’m in LOVE WITH. Chances of me finding the Chloe studded Susan’s are about as likely as a stranger here apologizing after accidentally hitting me in the shoulder when passing, so these are a perfect fix. Also less expected.

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