Fedora: ASOS. Shirt: via Shiny Plastic Hag. Leggings: American Apparel. Ring: Mania Mania per the below post (Oracle I blame you for this). Winkle pickers: Trash & Vaudeville. Fur jacket: Vintage flea market (love this version online). Bag: Thrift + DIY studded
Don’t like the buses over here. Call me biased but they take forever (longer than in London so Brits, don’t complain – try waiting for one over here) and I still haven’t got the hang of their routes. I’ll stick to the underground from now on I think.
Best bit about last weekend was how warmish it was, so the shirt arrived just in time (the last post in a checked shirt was this one?). Plus I got to wear the red boots that I’m in LOVE WITH. Chances of me finding the Chloe studded Susan’s are about as likely as a stranger here apologizing after accidentally hitting me in the shoulder when passing, so these are a perfect fix. Also less expected.


  1. Style by Buett says:

    i can never get enough of your blog!!
    your so unique for me!
    Love everything again:))


  2. Dylana Suarez says:

    You look amazing!


  3. Iina says:

    I love your shoes!

  4. Emilia says:

    great shoes! 🙂

  5. letiziabarcelona says:

    great outfit – again !
    I love the red boots and the shirt.
    Gorgeous Karen !

  6. FATIHA FAULZI says:

    WOW. Those rings are just stunning!

    xoxo, htpp://

  7. me from milano says:

    Hi! please, could you let m eknow where did you buy the other star ring you have? im in love with it! thanks!!!

  8. Any says:

    Bare shoulders! Perfect!

  9. amalie says:

    great outfit, love the cut out shoulders and your boots! x

  10. fashion clocked says:

    completely in love with the red winkle pickers and the open shoulder shirt- you look awesome and easy going. The busy= sound like a nightmare!Kisses Katie.xx
    fashion clocked

  11. J'ara Ami says:

    Love your blog and love the holes in that shirt! A little bit of flesh showing is also gd lool

    I finally found a way to comment on your posts YAY for the Opera browers!!

  12. Camilla. says:

    I suddenly want to cut the shoulders out of my shirts, ha ha x

  13. *CaroL!n@ says:

    Love your red boots!!!! Amazing!!!

  14. R A says:

    I really like your shirt.

  15. Jacquie says:

    i love i scrolled down and had a pleasant shock at the red boots! very nice 🙂 glad to hear there’s a bus system more annoying than ours… makes me feel a bit better about London Transport!

  16. Fara says:

    wow, I love the shirt, gotta find me one 🙂 you look effortless, as is usual xx