black. white. camel.

Magic Polo shirt: Uniqlo.  Leather blazer: All Saints. Boots (in tan colour): Sam Edelman (1/2 size down fits perfect).  Hat: Asos. Shades: Ray Ban.  Skirt: Urban Outfitters (clearance sale last year). Bag: Balenciaga
This is the other polo shirt with magic powers I told you about the other day (supposed to keep you dry when it’s hot).  Worn a few days ago.  I’m going to hack off the sleeves to get the ‘prep’ out of it and do a before and after. 
The hybrid cowboy/fringe/moccasin esq boots are no surprise. They came. I love – and I want the black!! 


  1. Nihmen T. says:

    I love this look! Those boots are gorgeous, and so is that skirt.

  2. Serena says:

    It never would have occurred to me to pair a white polo with a leather miniskirt- so cool!! i bet its gonna look amaaazing without sleeves. Lurving your hat too.


  3. Анна says:

    Beautiful and really chic!

  4. thehautepursuit says:

    i agree. i like the fringe. a lot. they look like a great basic pair of boots u can just throw on any day for a little extra oomph! hahah the polo with magical powers….

  5. Anonymous says:

    beautiful legs! show them more often please!

  6. Gorgeous Clara says:

    Love the boots! I want something like that!

  7. Catherine says:

    = perfection
    wow <3

  8. Ring My Bell says:


    Funny enough I bought these boots a few weeks ago when I was in LA and thought “these are very where did you get that”. Ha!

    Ashley x

    p.s You were on ANOTHER character mood board for me recently.

  9. Lily says:

    Love the all saints blazer. Their jackets are my favorite !!


  10. Asia says:

    AMAZING!! I have two polo shirts myself and I don’t wear them often because of the prep look, it never dawned on me to hack off the sleeves, I will be taking mine to a professional however!! Thanks again for the inspiration for a new look!!

  11. 十十f十 says:

    nooo why heck the sleeves off this one with magic powers… get another polo to play with…

  12. Camilla says:

    those boots are amazing.

    xx Camilla

  13. Keysha! says:

    Have you heard that song by CAKE “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”…well I think that you in the outfit was what they were talking about.


  14. mnemonique says:

    great! these shoes are awesome!

  15. temi says:

    Love the outfit.

  16. Sissi says:

    love that outfit you look awesome!

  17. ♥Run With Fashion♥ says:

    OMGOD, I LOOVE ALL SAINTS!!! I love the skirt and the boots! So cute, loove sam edelman!!

  18. dinamita.paquita says:

    i love the polo!
    and i agree that simplicity always works

  19. Giuls says:

    You’re always amazing girl!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    You look fabulous, as ALWAYS. Thanks for the info on the SE Louies.

  21. Sia says:

    WOW, you have some amazing pins on you lady! You look really cool, Love the boots. x

  22. She Wears, She Shares says:

    ugh, I saw that leather blazer for sale at All Saints but my size was out, Grr! Lucky for you. It looks great.



  23. Views by Laura says:

    Goshhh!! adore your boots!!!
    perfect combination! love all the outfit!

  24. Kholá says:

    Well done!