edged romantic

Dress/necklace/turquoise ring: Vintage. Heels: Prada (posted them before here).  Found a similar 70s vibe version in tan here with pics of them on here).Shawl: seen before here. (This is a close one). Bag: Vintage Coach (got mine on eBay). Army jkt: Zara. Nails: Topshop. Shades: Ray Ban
Doing a bit of 70s boho romance a few days back.   I experiment a ton on the blog. Everything’s about the mood I’m in but this feels the most me. A bit rock. A bit vintage.  Always full circle back to those two words.
Thank you Grazia.it – click here for a feature with me wearing this look (you’ll need Google Translate unless you speak Italian in which case you lucky b*stard –  I’m jealz). 
ps. I had my hair blown out that day at Pimps and Pinups in the Lower East Side.  I think I’ve found a # 2 go to spot when my usual place is busy. Super sweet and loads of advice. Thx guys : – )

pps. Who’s watching the Royal Wedding on Friday? It’s non stop talk on the TV in New York. I’ll set my alarm…I hear it’s a day off in England. I should be back home right now.

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