Grey sweater: Men’s H&M. Leggings: American Apparel.  Shades: Ray Ban (gold rims are on the site too).  Skull & bone necklace: Britannia Antiques @ Bk flea (similar one here in black or silver by PL).  Large stone ‘Immortals’ ring (love this silver one). Creepers: Trash & Vaudeville (online here).  Jacket: Mens Vintage (this one works). A lot of their jkts are on 50% sale). Nails: Topshop. Hat: Makins. Satchel: Cambridge Satchel (mine is 13″). (how sick is the yellow)

Had lunch around Gramercy on the weekend and wore a men’s sweater found on clearance with leggings and creepers.  I’ve decided to die these ones all black like this but couldn’t find in my size at the time. I’ll keep these above as the two tones.  
Creepers remind me of East London punk.  So classic. I’m sure NY women giving me the feet death stare on the street/train/in shops are all thinking wtf.  Brilliant. 
I want to find a skinny suit NOW to wear with them. 
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  1. Florie says:

    LOVE those creepers!I got a pair with the same dalmatian ponyskin from camden but i reaaaaally want the pointy ones that you have! no fairings!

  2. welcometodeutschland says:

    loveeee the kelly green cambridge satchel. how many inches is this one? im thinking about ordering one but 14 seems to large


  3. Lily says:

    The bag looks great !!


  4. Catherine says:

    a m a z i n g <3 You have the best styleeee, insane! xxxx

  5. knockedupfabulous says:

    such a great casual outfit…the bag is a great touch!

  6. AJ TAYLOR says:

    Great outfit. nice bag.
    i would love to see you pair the creepers with a skinny suit, that would be a good look.

  7. Gypsy Avenue says:

    You always have the best shoes! I’m loving the satchel, the color is nice. xo

  8. Tariro says:

    GORGEOUS! I love your bag!

  9. LivvyV says:

    I love your shoes and the bag. I have a pair similar to that and I always get stared at in New Orleans lol. I just think its funny.

  10. lostceremony says:

    One of my favorite outfits from you!
    I’m in love with the green bag and shoes.

  11. playwithfashion says:

    Satchel and shoes are so AMAZING! But yellow also rocks!

  12. Style-Pursuit says:

    Just loving your satchel way too much…. Can I borrow it for one day?!! ;o)


  13. EllysMakeupbag says:

    The necklace is so rad, i love skulls and bones.

  14. Jess says:

    I’d love a satchel like that, but cannot for the life of me settle on a colour!

    The Vintage Huntress

  15. Kate Junior says:

    that satchel is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! you definitely rock the neon colour!

  16. luckapucka says:

    i have the same bag in blue from newyorker 🙂