Tshirt: UT for Uniqlo. Jeans: Uniqlo (bought approx 2 yrs ago). Braces: American Apparel. Brogues: Office in London (love white/cream brogues). Fedora: ASOS. 
I’m glad you lot liked the Brit video posted below.  It really reminds me of home and the girl reminds me of me when I stop people here asking if I can take a quick picture of their outfit.

Speaking of home, I completely forgot these suspenders. Found them in the bedroom while going through the massive clothes purge.  I knew I had them, just couldn’t remember where. That’s the sign your due for a clear out. 

The Japanese ninja Narturo character on the T was too cool to pass up. It’s from the Uniqlo men’s section (stand back in amazement).  Fast forward 15 washes and I’m hoping it’ll look more vintage.  
ps. Creepers (now dyed all black) and brogues are favourite flats for summer again. Anyone here remember the blog posts in the white creepers?

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