Dress: Shareen vintage. Chuck Taylor: Zappos (I want black with white laces next).  Rings from left to right: Anantara. Large red stone: Vintage. (similar long ring here).  Double spear head: Anantara. Talon ring: Leviticus. Band: Gift. Stacked with Bulgari. Brass ‘peace’ bracelet (vintage) Found a similar one here + red silly band
Got the dress from Shareen Vintage the other day – I love that place. 
I faded the chucks in the sun the last time I was in St Lucia.  The strong sun accelerated the natural fade process to get them to this shade.  Definitely try this on a good hot day if you want to lighten yours. 
A couple of extra shots (including with Sir Oliver) on FB.

Edited to add: I JUST noticed that I did a blog post before with the exact same title here! I need to watch that 🙂

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