Dress: Shareen vintage. Chuck Taylor: Zappos (I want black with white laces next).  Rings from left to right: Anantara. Large red stone: Vintage. (similar long ring here).  Double spear head: Anantara. Talon ring: Leviticus. Band: Gift. Stacked with Bulgari. Brass ‘peace’ bracelet (vintage) Found a similar one here + red silly band
Got the dress from Shareen Vintage the other day – I love that place. 
I faded the chucks in the sun the last time I was in St Lucia.  The strong sun accelerated the natural fade process to get them to this shade.  Definitely try this on a good hot day if you want to lighten yours. 
A couple of extra shots (including with Sir Oliver) on FB.

Edited to add: I JUST noticed that I did a blog post before with the exact same title here! I need to watch that 🙂


  1. Andee Layne says:

    those rings are amazing! thanks for sharing im def checking out Antara

  2. EllysMakeupbag says:

    I could not imagine my life without any pair of converse, i have pink, purple and red ones:P

  3. gabrielle says:

    when can we see the whole thing?! ps- love your silly band!


  4. B says:

    Love it! Could we get a full shot?

  5. DISTRIKMODE says:

    Oooh PINK! So romantic and feminine… I don’t think I can rock PINK as well as you do chica!! Great rings you have too… DROOOOOL 🙂


    ▲ Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE

  6. The Fashion Cloud says:

    I simply love this picture and everything about it 🙂



  7. jicky says:

    Didn’t know your blog: its is great! love the title, very interesting..

  8. Jessie says:

    gotta love a good old pair of chucks. i have a play by comme des garcons pair and they are fabulous. love rocking them with jeans or even a dress!

  9. Maya says:

    Great shot, love all the rings and the hcucks 🙂 xx

  10. internodiciotto says:

    this pic is just awesome so stunning! could be an editoral pic

  11. Karen says:

    AJ Taylor & Gabrielle – I thought I’d switch it up a bit and go for 1 picture for a change focusing on one or two areas. I’m sure I’ll post full shots of this dress soon though : )

    Andee – do! I LOVE their rings. A bit addicted actually.

  12. dinamita.paquita says:

    I just love that picture…the color is perfect!

  13. .shea marie. says:

    babe i love this!!
    amazing as always!
    hope you are doin well darlin!

    shea marie

  14. Wholesale clothing says:

    Perfect shade of pink. Love the chucks! so cute!

  15. LENA says:

    I see you wonderful photo on nearly every tumblr blog 🙂

  16. The Silver Lining says:

    In LOVE with your accessories!
    Tess xoxo

  17. Rose and Muse says:

    I like those pink converses and the ring on your right handmy mum has it!

  18. Claire says:

    would love to see the whole dress?? it looks so pretty!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Here I am vintage thrift shop gal again….one of the things that we (my twin sis n I) absolutely love (said with such passion) r ur accessories…the jewellery, hats, scarves, shoes, boots, We want them all lol…they r so Rockin’, n the way u juxtapose hi/low/vintage/new/different eras/patterns/…we could go on n on is solid, creative n unique….Love Love LOve!!!!!

  20. wholesale scarves says:

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    posts, which I found entirely by mistake whilst researching one of
    my projects. Please continue to write more because it’s unusual that someone has
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