shop love – daha vintage

Here’s a vintage shop I pop into whenever I am in the lower east side.
Click below to take a peak inside >>>>

I came THIS close to trying on this sunflower yellow maxi dress

And this one.  A dress like this screams for a ultra mod hair cut. Pin straight with a blunt fringe or a huge mass of messy curls. I tend to do this in case you hadn’t noticed yet: style an item I look at on hangers
So perfect with an old Tshirt and skimmers plus a vintage brown satchel worn messenger style.  Switch to knee high boots in winter and a slouchy knit jumper
Just look at that silver piece dead center
Why am I taunted by wing tip brogues that don’t fit?!  Yes it’s the men’s section
The navajo print pair dead center are fantastic

All footwear is usefully grouped by size. Saves lifting up every sole and crossing your fingers
I think I need a tool bag in my bag collection. Just waiting to pounce on the perfect one

I keep staring at the incredible gold piece in the middle. So sick over a floor length floaty dress. Crap I am literally talking myself into getting it as I type

Let’s see that again

Brilliant belts. I am seeing belts in these two below pictures that I’m now kicking myself for not buying (hmmm – what am I doing later this week…..)

Their glass counters are filled with trinkets ranging from purses to jewellery to clutches. Why the HECK did I not ask to look closer at the brown animal skin clutch on the left or that peacock feather wallet!????? 
Daha vintage is one of those well edited shops I feel I have to pop in when I’m south of Houston on the east side – just in case I may miss something. 
Their jewellery, especially their necklaces are one of the first things I think of when I want a statement vintage piece (that doesn’t cost a fortune either).  This necklace worn from an earlier post is from there. 
Spacious and quiet, I can have easily passed an hour in there and never felt rushed.  At all….

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