the messenger

Sort of perfect for right now.


  1. says:

    Wow, so beautiful!
    I’ve been looking for something similar for years,now!!!
    Hugs from Vienna :-*

  2. letizia says:

    Yes its perfect !!I like the ethnic charnms at the bottom.



  3. be.aoi says:

    amazing baaag! i need oneee!

  4. Megan Abigail Chandler says:

    Pretty freakin’ cute if you ask me. Great catch-all type of bag!!

  5. Nina says:

    Love the bag. It´s so cute!

  6. Prad Savania says:

    wOW, THAT BaG IS amazing…..Xx

    Come and see my Heel design blogspot? All my designs are hand-drawn also..take care x

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