vintage candy

Picked up these free red cut offs. Loved em so much I wore them right out of the shop

I was staring at these boots 
Reminds me of my grey Converses (still love the woman’s face in this post where I wore them)
I was at the What Goes Around Comes Around x Resin denim party recently.  Everything I took pictures of I would wear out the door.  You know by now that to me this is like waving a red flag to a bull having me in a vintage shop like this.  I mean come on….!!
Click for more of what I’m talking about >>
Would wear every single one with my boots, moccasin flats or thong sandals
Oh God…. now I see where Rodarte for OC got this inspiration 
Thought I’d end the week with some Karen style eye candy.

Thx WGACA and Resin – you clearly know me well. 

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