the jacket

Jacket + jeans: Vintage/Thrift.  Bag: Vintage Coach (get new here. I got mine via eBay). I wear this style more often.  Leo heels: ALDO (I’m on a strong leo kick at the moment).  Similar heels here and here.  Shades: Ray Ban.
All thrift/vintage – accept the cheap leopard heels and the Ray Bans.
The jacket was bought months ago here and I still can’t get over it – I like the scallop edge. The oversized mens jeans are from a Salvation Army – faded and baggy.  The heels were to balance them out. 


  1. Letti says:

    I love this, I am so jealous this goes hard . Nothign like thrift shopping .

  2. Catherine says:

    totally awesome! I looove that beaded jacket and your leo heels <3

  3. Julie Khuu says:

    Pretty! They just don’t make jackets like that anymore…and if they did I definitely can’t afford it ;D Love this hi/low mix!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. Stephanie says:

    awesome jacket! ur style is always fab!

    greets from cali 😉


  5. tackydidaxie says:

    that jacket is a brilliant find. I’ll have to keep looking for one! x

  6. Camilla says:

    gorgeous shoes

    x Camilla

  7. free de lulu says:

    i like your vest she is a beautiful and it

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said…I’m in love with that jacket!! You have a great personality style…so trendy, bohemian and cosmopolitan….and the hair of my dreams!!!! You have a new follower!
    please, check my on-line vintage boutique, THANKS:

  9. says:

    that jacket is just so so beautiful!

  10. Peggy B says:

    The jacket is beautiful. Really like the heels and those cut of jeans together.

  11. eloiselabetise says:

    Stunning outfit! I love your jacket, your jeans and your shoes! xxx

  12. ASH says:

    great look. gorgeous lip colour, it really suits you.

  13. The Fashion Cloud says:

    love this outfit on you, qwerky and very cool, the shoes are amazing



  14. Fashionable Rose says:

    i love the jacket! the embroidered detail makes it so special! The color is beautiful as well!!

  15. ANGUILLAGRL says:

    Gorg as always!!!!! LOVE those jeans!!! Gals or guys??
    PS-you inspired me to cut my knee hi boots to the ankle, can’t tell you how much better they look and how easy it is if you have the right (sharp) scissors!!!!! Thx Kar!!!!

  16. sam says:

    wow that is a real classic jacket isn’t it, i love it. So early nineties.