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Leather/canvas satchel: Zara (older season) via eBay. Shorts: Levis. Oversized shirt: H&M.  Sandals: Steve Madden from 2009 (love these, these and these too).  Nails: >Lilacism by Essie (LOVE this)
My new (dare I say ‘transition’ piece) satchel.
Perfect to hold my (heavy as a brick) Nikon when out taking pictures.  The messenger strap + vintage feel are brilliant!  Thank you to the girl I stopped a few weeks ago and asked about it.  


  1. loveletters says:

    ooh i love this style bag. reminds me of the mulberry styles. nice!

  2. Maria Elba says:

    looks like a great bag! and fashionable- i always find myself carrying a huge bag as well!

  3. Ria says:

    Such a great color.

  4. fifi says:

    great satchel! and love the casual chic outfit you are wearing with it!

  5. char says:

    oh my, i really like this bag!

  6. Ju'lia says:

    Love it 🙂

  7. letizia says:

    cute bag!
    I went to Zara the other day and I didn’t see it, I guess they have different collection in Europe, too bad! I would have bought it!

  8. Samantha Manzella says:

    That is a FANTASTIC bag. Seriously. I’m immensely jealous right now.

  9. Maria Diana says:

    OMG. I want this bag. Does it have a specific name? 😉

  10. Sing says:

    Very nice. Love a bag that can pack a punch.

  11. jess says:

    That bag is wonderful.

  12. free de lulu says:

    He is great beautiful this bag

  13. weasel says:

    Really cool bag, love the colors

  14. Mcmaris says:

    Ohhh love it!

  15. Michelle of Chellbellz says:

    Very pretty, I’m wondering now how much cool stuff is probably on Ebay. I use to be an Ebay freak! I need to go back to that.

  16. Francesca Felix says:

    loving the colors of this thing!!! beautiful

  17. Maggie ☮ says:

    I believe I just fell in lust with your bag 🙂

  18. Mae says:

    What a fab bag. Love it. I really love the mixture of the khaki canvas and brown/tan leather. From what I can see of your outfit, that looks fab too. Mae xx

  19. Mika says:

    I actually have something similar to your satchel, same color and I haven’t wear it. After seeing your post, you inspired me to start wearing mine.. 🙂

  20. Dawn says:

    i love the satchel!!! i had ordered a bag somewhat similar to this style from urban outfitters not long a go and it came this week and i love it. the shorts look really good, i love the wash and length- not too short so they give out that street style and urban vibes.

  21. Budget Chic says:

    luv, luv, love the bag! I have several in that style because they look so good and the short handle is perfect for someone my height (all of 5 feet). lol

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