lost art

Trying on a mask with the designer (the ivory jacket I’m in was stunning)
OMFG what do I try on next?? (the brown piece in the middle is a poncho)
Bag made of rattle snake
These trousers lace up at the back too
Rows of fringed leather trousers – I think I cried looking at these

LOVE the pic on the left. Perfect way to wear some edge. On the right is my husband who is the only person who can carry off this Lost Art fringe and feather creation.
The shell top hat was part of a collection shown at the V&A in London
I wanted to walk right out with this necklace

On the left: Lost Art last year.   On the right: What Roberto Cavalli later followed with making
A few weeks ago I was invited to view and play dress up at the Lost Art studio owned by Jordan Betten.  In the process I died and went to rock heaven (mentioned before here). I am still shaking my head at what I saw. The leathers, the suedes, the fringing, the cut, the textures. God  *head explodes*  
I will never be able to afford anything in that studio (their customers include Lenny, Sheryl, Mick, Steven), so to be able to try anything on was a dream.  I wanted to stop drop and roll over everything.
During the dress up, Jordan and me commented on how similar Cavalli’s collection is to the work Lost Art produces (see last 2 comparison pics of what Cavalli produced after the Lost Art collection).  Imitation can be the sincerest form of flattery but this I’m not so sure about (there’s more comparison pics than shown here). 
On leaving the studio, I felt I understood what wearable art is.  Thx Jordan. 

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