You lot are f**king brilliant. Thanks A MILLION for the well wishes 🙂 I showed Michael the comments and he’s like: ‘holy crap’ and smiled.
Here’s what I wore before it was soooooooooo hot here.   Read on for more info…

Jeans: J Brand Bette – sold here. Shirt: Vintage (similar one here). Boots: Vintage. Clutch: Zara (or try a neutral version).  Fedora: Boutique on 7th street/east village.  Belt: Vintage.

Ahhh yes. Leopard print and flares. Will I ever get tired of them? Of course I bloody won’t.  Nothing wrong in wearing leopard on leopard (like this earlier post in different colours or this post mixing different animal prints).
I wore vintage looking flares with my old vintage fryes and an oversized clutch. 

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