Barcelona – the rest

I see you… Spanish men on their bikes

Picture of myself and Galadarling walking via Jessica 
While I am typing this it is SNOWING in New York.  In October. I just posted a picture on my twitter here of how it looks already. 

No better time really to share the rest of the pictures from Barcelona and remember where I was a few days ago.  The first pics from Spain are (here)….

Thank you MNG by Mango and jcpenney for sponsoring an incredible trip.


  1. DesignaChick says:

    Beatiful place I’m going there for my senior graduation trip with the family

  2. Sonia, says:


  3. letizia says:

    gorgeous photos, I’m sad when I see that blond girl with her dog..unfortunately it’s the reality of Barcelona too.
    I’m glad you like your trip there !

    kiss from…Barcelona !

  4. Twins says:

    So ma,y guys in this selection of pictures!! 😉
    I love Barcelona, this city put you all the time in a good mood! Even when you go there for work, you have the feeling to be in holidays! xx

  5. Noora says:

    Haha, you really made me smile with those two first pics! 😀 Just great.

  6. Naughty Baubles says:

    looks like a beautiful trip and i’m obsessing over the pink hair in that one snapshot…really wish i could color my hair without it falling off afterword…lol

    NaughtyBaubles on Etsy

  7. Patricia says:

    Your shots are magical…I always loved to look at other countries through someone elses eyes and must admitt you show taste, smells, people and locations in an incredible manner…

  8. WendyB says:

    Love the pic of the smiling guy on the bike!

  9. budget chic says:

    Oh nice smile from the guy on the bike, need more pictures like that one!

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