How to winterize summer dresses

Pocket dress, parka and grey mens jumper: H&M (the mens jumpers there are the best).  Shades: Ray Ban. Boots: Topshop.  Scarf: Love Quotes (my favourite). Bag: JCrew
Here’s a video on how I wear dresses as it gets colder. The above works for short or long dresses. Big styling tip for Autumn?  Have a mix of thin and thick knits to wear under or over dresses.  If your dress is plain, go with a patterned knit and vice versa.  
Either way have fun.
Similars to the video:  ASOS dress. Oversized jumpers by Topshop or Unique or a cropped knit by Haute Hippie.  Topshop or Full Circle parka plus Topshop boots. Hat options: Brixton fedora, Eugenia Kim knit turban or slouchy beanie by Cheap Monday.


  1. VANESSA says:

    Great post! i have a lot of summer dresses that i want to wear in winter. I’m going to winterize!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    r u prego?

  3. Alexandria says:

    LOVED this vid! My closet thanks you for this lol

  4. couturing says:

    Great post (: this is what I’ve been thinking about doing. My summer and winter wardrobe pretty much have to mix so this helps.

  5. Kourtney Leanne says:

    you are so GORGEOUS! seriously.. i’m tweeting about this!!

  6. Asia says:

    Love the video. The artist has an amazing voice. Great tips I will probably incorporate some of these into my wardrobe this winter

  7. Kiwifashionblog says:

    This is such a great, practical and inspiring video!!

  8. Soul Pretty says:

    Cool…gotta make a video for my blog…

  9. Anonymous says:

    thanks for this practical, awesome vid! I am in serious need of some winter knits to compliment my summer/early fall wardrobe. I appreciate the fact that you show us how to reinvent with the clothes we already have, instead of loading up on new ones. <3

  10. Shalika-Creative SOUL says:

    Just in time. Great video, what I like most about it is I CAN AFFORD to do everything you demonstrated. xo-

  11. Sharla says:

    this is absolutely wonderful!!! thank you for this, its so key for all us fashionista’s who have to deal with the cold weather and still want to look fab.
    much needed and will be sharing this 🙂

  12. coco says:

    great !

  13. Style Croissant says:

    GREAT tips !! I was actually wondering how to keep on wearing my summer dresses !! Because in paris it gets SO cold in the winter, well not AS cold as in NY but still freezing
    so thanks again 🙂

  14. Miss Oh' says:

    I’ve been doing this for years now and it always does the job,
    nice vid!!


  15. Chrissi Lai says:

    Such a good idea!!


  16. Karen says:

    Twins – used a Nikon to shoot. Still figuring out the kinks so its not super perfect at the moment although I sort of like that.

    Miss Oh – me too! I’m sure a lot of us have so it’s a good to share for those who maybe don’t : )

    Anon – nope but I see why you say that. Talk about huge stick out factor! (just noticed).

    Thx all. More vids to come.

  17. SandyRose says:

    Love this video Karen, so slick and you’re a true professional! I remember watching some of those first vids in shot your bedroom, loved those too but amazing to see how the blog has developed. You really deserve all the success, well done. Am definitely going to have another rifle through all those summer dresses that never get enough wear xx

  18. Fashionable Rose says:

    this is such an amazing video! is so cool to show us how to wear a simple dress from spring to winter! and in so many cool ways! i love that u added the hats and also the jumper over the dress!

  19. feesha says:

    Thanks for the vid! Very helpful 🙂

  20. Alyson says:

    Absolutely LOVE this video. Such great tips. I love wearing dresses in the winter, but you definitely know how to pack on the layers and make it look chic! Thanks, Karen!

  21. Teresia Simmons says:

    I’ve done this three different ways since I saw this video. I love it! So happy I can keep some of my Fav summer stuff out w little longer. I did it today and a lady complemented me on my skirt…when I told her what it really was she said she was going home right away to make some combos of her own 🙂

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