How to winterize summer dresses

Pocket dress, parka and grey mens jumper: H&M (the mens jumpers there are the best).  Shades: Ray Ban. Boots: Topshop.  Scarf: Love Quotes (my favourite). Bag: JCrew
Here’s a video on how I wear dresses as it gets colder. The above works for short or long dresses. Big styling tip for Autumn?  Have a mix of thin and thick knits to wear under or over dresses.  If your dress is plain, go with a patterned knit and vice versa.  
Either way have fun.
Similars to the video:  ASOS dress. Oversized jumpers by Topshop or Unique or a cropped knit by Haute Hippie.  Topshop or Full Circle parka plus Topshop boots. Hat options: Brixton fedora, Eugenia Kim knit turban or slouchy beanie by Cheap Monday.

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