Frye & Paper Magazine

At the Frye/Paper Magazine in store event.

Perfect beat up boots.  A wardrobe staple.
James Wingtip Lace Up boots
The Dakota Wedge
Having a laugh with Andrew Mukamal
Fryes get updated in ombre shades
These are the pictures from my night at The Frye Boot & Paper Magazine in store event. The evening was to review favourite picks from the editorial team (bonus: everyone was allowed to choose a pair).
My two favourite boots are pictured above: 
The James Wingtip lace ups – available here
The Dakota wedge with the platform sole – available online here.  Found the tall boot version too. 


  1. Julie Khuu says:

    I just saw Frye’s flagship store featured in my ID magazine…that space is friggin’ GORGEOUS! Wish I could see more of it in these shots, but those boots sure do this post justice! Loving those two-tone knee highs…my fave!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  2. Chelsea says:

    Oh no! I have resisted splurging on Fryes this fall, but I am about to fall off the wagon. Cute outfit! xo

  3. Libra says:

    aww. luv your top <3

  4. Ellé says:


    You make me miss being in NYC so much!!! Did you get caught up in the snow storm at all?

    Love your outfit and the selection of shoes are to die for! Especially the ombre dyed boots! (Hmmm, DIY idea!)

    Love the blog!


  5. K.M. says:

    love your pants ♥

  6. Ms. Givens says:

    Love that last pair.

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