Shop Love – Shareen Vintage (part 2)

I made a stop in there again recently and saw this re-worked wedding dress hanging behind their desk. I had to try it on for laughs. 

Not sure if its too volume-tastic but I love the concept of it and that the dress originally had puffed sleeves. Both cut off and the top converted into a halter with metallic leather ties you double around the waist and secure where ever.  What a great DIY.  I so see this dress being worn with combat boots and messy hair for an editorial shoot (I’d volunteer for that!!!)
My leopard coat slung on their couch. 
There’s no changing rooms at the shop. I hung my things on their furniture and got changed in one of their living rooms. (men are not allowed in the shop. They wait in the outside hallway while women can change & relax). 
I took off my shoes too to walk around and chat with the assistants.  The place is like someones big apartment. The assistant liked my creepers and said she’s always wanted a pair. I told her mine were dyed all black. Remember how they used to look here?  I had her try them on and apparently she’s now sold on getting her own pair.  They looked great on her. 
Victorian blouse with camisole. This is so pretty on. Perfect with ripped up old boyfriend jeans or skinnies or a leather mini. 
Also gave this drop waist dress a try. I loved the colour of it and the lace. I see it worn right now with combat boots and messy hair (I clearly like that combination).
Look at these coats. Why the eff did I not try on that fur collar one? ESPECIALLY after that damn post I just did yesterday below?? Notice the belt on the leopard coat.  Great touch.  So mod. Ugh I’m talking myself into going back. I won’t (she says). 
Don’t need this dress but wanted to try it on anyway. I’m a sucker for grecian inspired numbers.
There are racks of coats in fur and wool everywhere. I liked the colour of this one. 
I paid another impromptu visit to one of my favourite hidden away vintage boutiques. I first wrote about Shareen vintage in this post
I wore this vintage skirt for the visit and the assistants both asked WDUGT. I told them ‘Errrr it’s Shareen vintage.’  We all had a good laugh.

I miss the vintage spots of London eg. Spitalsfield, so places like this in New York keep me going. 

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