T G I F: 12.9.11


Some knits I wouldn’t mind wearing now and into next year.  

None of that wear-for-one-month-only rudolf/snowman motif crap that come out every December.

Skip the usual denim and wear any with a floaty maxi skirt and boots or a slim cut skirt and heels: the latter being a bit more sex kitten.  Especially for a casual office party.

1. Topshop sequin knit
2. Miss Selfridge neon cable knit
3. Topshop lurex cable knit
4. Topshop spotted knit
5. Miss Selfridge geometric knit
6. DKNY cashmere blend knit
7. Jason Wu varsity knit
8. Miss Selfridge star knit


  1. ediot says:

    such great picks you did here. i love the second one so much i want it asap

  2. Mercedes says:

    wanna win a beautifull dreamcatcher necklace? come and see my GIVEAWAY…you will love it

    Kiss Kiss


  3. Bindi says:

    Great picks! Love the Topshop sequin jumper! Need now! 🙂
    Do check out my blog and let me know what you think as I admire your blog so much!


  4. madzia says:

    1 and 4 :))))

  5. Laura says:

    my fave has to be the jason wu sweater. typical that i like the most expensive! would have been nice to see a few more christmas jumpers thrown into the mix xx


  6. TheMinx says:

    The Jason Wu knit is amazing! I love it so much.

  7. Villy K says:

    I love the 1st one! It reminds me of celebration and isn`t it celebration every day??

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