While upstate this week I picked up these two mens T-shirts in size L from Wally World (Walmart)…


This is what I do to most of my T-shirts.  Takes 2 seconds.   Flip them inside out and cut along the seam of the sleeves….


Check how it’s going every now and then and keep cutting till the sleeve is off….


It’s a basic way to edge out a T-shirt.  I cut off the hem off these ones too. The curled edges make it 10 x better than keeping a clean stitch line.

For me this is the fastest DIY to change the silhouette and make T-shirts feel older than they really are.  Mine falls over the shoulders but I’ll probably go back and cut a bit more fabric off.   Next step is to find a longer T-shirt to wear it as a dress with a low slung belt and boots…..

Tip:  You can rub sand paper on it too to thin out the material in spots.  After a few washes, wear one with a low slung belt or knotted over a long jersey skirt or just about anything really…

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