Sunglass Hut: Part 1


On set with Sunglass Hut a few weeks ago….!

Some of the clothes


A crew member’s dog was running around on the studio – he was the size of a kitten – so bloody cute


Part of the accessories table


A sneak behind the scene picture from the shoot!


Screen shot taken with an iPhone
Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Sunglass Hut.

Recently I collaborated with Sunglass Hut to style two completely different looks for two pairs of their sunglasses.  I was told “bring a couple of options with my own clothes.”  I arrived with a suitcase of them.  Plus two garment bags!!  The stylist and I spent a few minutes playing with different pieces that worked for the glasses.

I picked out two different sunglasses:

Aviators:  A style I’ve been wearing for years since they never date.  Even if feeling (or looking) my worst, aviators always make things look a bit cooler e.g. a plain T-shirt and old jeans.   The same applies for guys.

Over sized cat eyes (trying something new):  Those felt like instant glamour soon as I put them on.

The aviators were styled around a masculine take on pastels.  The cat eye shades were styled around a tribal inspired look.

Part 2 blog post to follow showing you the final looks for both!!


  1. Ria says:

    Can’t wait to see the final photos.

  2. Style Hostess says:

    ah I visit sunglass hut for their deals often. congrats for the collab. guess I’ll be seeing you featured in the photos yes?? 😀


  3. magdalena says:

    great sunglasses:)

  4. magdalena says:

    great sunglasses!

  5. Lolitta says:

    I love the turn your life has taken:) Great opportunities have arose for you and you seem to have such a good spirit:) Continued blessings to you sis:)

  6. Mademoiselle Wanderer says:

    totally agree on your sunglasses choice and looking forward to your colab!

  7. dongala (wanderer) says:

    looks much fun to be around those glasses, accesories, shoes and the dresses!
    that dog is indeed cute!

  8. Kat says:

    Aww that dog is so cute!

  9. Anne Meyer says:

    That chihuahua is cute! 🙂 A great fashion pal! LOL!

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