Shop Fix: After Life

After Life vintage store

I recently found a vintage gem in the heart of San Antonio Texas and the price tags were a dream.

After Life vintage San Antonio Texas

Broken in soft motorcycle jacket

vintage motorcycle jacket

Best black boots I’ve seen in effing forever.  These were one size too big : ((

vintage black boots

Some of the pieces I found: a tooled bag, a buckled belt and mens velvet slippers.

vintage tooled leather bag

The store is a large narrow space with clothes on rails and the walls.

After Life vintage store

Justin boots.  Perfect to dye to any color.

Justin boots

Badass suede studded vest.

Suede waistcoat

How cool are these skate board shelves for displaying shoes?  This is a brilliant idea to use at home.



Loved the silver hardware against the bag on the left.



More tooled leather bags.  If it were bigger it’d be a perfect clutch.

Vintage tooled leather bag
After Life vintage store Texas

Best dyed shorts.

Denim cut offs

After Life vintage store
After Life
628 South St Marys Street
San Antonio, TX 78205

Here is one of the vintage spots that I found while Michael and I were in Texas a couple of weeks ago.

Whenever we were in a shop asking for recommendations the staff would say “Ahh definitely After Life.  You’ll love it there.”

They were right.  I love places that remind me of how Camden Market in London used to be years ago before it changed.   This is one of those places that I’d definitely return to if when I’m back in Texas.

ps. When I first got to the front door I noticed the shop was locked. Noooooooooooo I screamed in my head.  Then I saw a guy from inside slowly walking towards me. I prepared myself to beg.  Turns out that day was slow for them so they were quietly checking stock.  I swear I was a blur going past as he opened that door.

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