The calm before the storm

topshop arson flame boots

Jeans: F21.  Boots: Topshop.  Army jacket: Zara

This is an instagram photo taken last Sunday morning.

Michael and I decided to take Oliver for one last walk before Hurricane Sandy was due to hit here.   When we got home I was glued to the television, curled up on the sofa and switching from channel to channel watching each report on how bad Sandy was predicted to hit.

Even though I watched the news for hours that day, I will admit.  I was skeptical.  I was here for Hurricane Irene last year which turned out to be less powerful than was expected and it had many of us (myself included) running out to get emergency supplies that weren’t needed.  After that incident, many locals said the same thing: “yeah see” we all scoffed, “it wasn’t that bad.”

It gave a lot of us a false and very foolish sense of security.

We have all now seen what happened. The results are worse than what many expected.  As I write this many residential streets, subways and tunnels are still flooded by several feet.  It is getting dark and millions are without power.

Thankfully Michael and I are fine.  We are one of the lucky ones that only have a broken fence to fix.

I cannot tell you how shocked I am to hear of those who have lost so much.  We took a drive around our neighbourhood and saw old oak trees uprooted and lying across roads and resting on cars.  I have seen people on the local news who have lost their homes and everything inside.  Some lost even more. When seeing those who have lost it all I wonder how I would react to only leaving with the clothes on my back.

Fashion aside, it often takes something this sobering to make us realize how fortunate we really are.

Donate if you are able to here.

“Imagine no possessions.  I wonder if you can.”

John Lennon

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