On The Street: A Strong Necklace

Pamela Love tribal necklace

Anna-Katerina is wearing a Pamela Love necklace.

Ana’s simple H&M necklace under a white sleeveless collared shirt.

statement necklace

Victoria with a silver designer piece layered over a light weight dress


My gold necklace with grey and textured black

French Connection faux fur jacket
faux fur coat
Grey faux fur jacket

Lapel collar faux fur jacket, Mens long sleeved t-shirt, Snake print skinnies, Tall suede boots, Matte gold necklace: TJ Maxx

I noticed that a lot of women are still wearing bold necklaces around the city.  As a style scout for T.J.Maxx, I snapped a few of them. My fave is the Pamela Love gold and quartz tribal over a sports T-shirt that Anna-Katerina is wearing in the first picture above.  I’m a massive fan of big necklaces over old Tees. So good. This won’t be everyone’s style and that is understandable. Even so, you always have the option to switch it up. So maybe one day, you choose to layer your necklaces or some days you just want to wear your name necklace. It’s completely up to you. Jewellery just ties an outfit together.

Twitter followers know I include T.J.Maxx in my shopping rotation (flash back to my Saturday tweet  of that it-bag at the 6th ave location).  That isn’t the first time that I’ve seen designer labels in there and they are usually priced 60% less than department stores – hence my frequent visits for a deal.

While there recently I got re-inspired to score the exact same trend of a statement necklace and picked out a matte hammered gold one with a charcoal fur jacket with snake print skinnies.  I ditched ankle boots (shock horror I know) and scored suede knee highs.

TJ.Maxx and Marshalls released findings that wearing statement necklaces is a big trend in New York.  Doesn’t surprise me after seeing it everywhere.  I definitely think that we can all wear them throughout Autumn too when it’s probably less expected.

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