Vintage Western Boots

western ankle boots

Remember the vintage show I mentioned in this post?  Well it was absolutely brilliant!!

Here’s one of the things that I got while there, these gorge western style shoe boots. The funny part is that they are 9West but apparently came out in the 90’s. Who knew that they did boots as good as this back then.

I’ll show you more pictures from the show later.  Right now Michael and I are going for an Autumn drive upstate somewhere (sooooo American).

ps. If you can’t be bothered sorting through vintage spots, I found western boots that get the look:

Roper studded western boots
Toga Pulla Black/White boots
Topshop Kowboy2 boots
Tommygun ankle boots
Cline denim ankle boots


  1. Jessica says:

    My mom has a pair of these! …or she did have a pair of these… I confiscated them back in high school for “dress like a farmer” day…it was spirit week and central Illinois, in case you’re wondering :). I’ve been thinking about digging them back out for a while now. Perhaps I’ll do just that.

  2. Live TV says:

    Nice shoes 🙂

  3. Deanne says:

    I have to laugh when I hear the 90’s called “vintage”….even the 80’s. I suppose some of the shoes were cool – but the clothes, ugh!! Those clothes were ugly the first time around, especially the 80’s – and just as ugly this time. You know what they say – if you are old enough to remember the first time something was in style, you are too old to be wearing it again! I could certainly still pull it off because I look younger, but I don’t want to. I do wish I had held on to all the old frye boots and bags and such, though, I could make a killing on ebay!

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