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Dress: Zara (similars this this or this one). Boots: Topshop (black versions).  Bag: Vintage Coach (similar).  Necklace: Pamela Love (check out this coloured one)  Pics by Helena @ Brooklynblonde (thx for the laughs + pictures)

No surprise I’m attracted to off white vintage style dresses.   Especially with a good boot. 

Worn last week in LA and definitely again in f/w with thick tights, a thin polo neck and jackets.

* * *

ps.  You can click on the OUTFITS tab above to see outfit posts only if that’s how you prefer to search.  The tab was down for a while but is now back up and running!


  1. Signe says:

    Wow that dress!! So pretty

  2. Rhea Dillon says:

    Your dress is so gorgeous and so you


  3. Mlle W says:

    excellent quirky/beautiful and you look stunning in your whites and your strong boots

  4. Eleanor says:

    that dress is flawless.. i’m on the lookout for something similar, without being too bridal/night-dress-y! it’s hard!
    and i’ve already said how much i love those boots… but man, i really love them.

    • Karen says:

      same! Have you tried the boots on?

  5. Katya says:

    love the background and your dress♥

  6. Mariliis Anger says:

    I love this look, once again just perfect 🙂

  7. walker and hall says:

    The big bad world of fashion is infamous for being shallow and superficial. She and her outfit both are super magical.

  8. PinkCheetahVintage says:

    Such a pretty dress and it looks east to wear +++

  9. Chadina says:

    I don’t know…think it needs a belt-there’s a frumpy element here-possibly intended.

    • Karen says:

      I know what you mean. It’s a long straight cut dress with long sleeves so just by its shape I see why it looks like that but that makes it all the more appealing for me

  10. Nuha says:

    So envious you snatched up this dress! As soon as I was ready to buy it, it had sold out. Love the way you styled it!

    • Karen says:

      oh wow some of Zara’s things go so fast…

  11. Theresa says:

    Looking awesome as always! What I love about you is that your totally have your own personal sense of style! Wish I could have ran into you while you were here! 😉


    The Habit

  12. Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Unknown says:

    Your dress is fantastic and I LOVE it.
    Can you give me the reference number that is in the dress on the label, I’ll see if I find it in my zara in my country
    thanky you in advance


  14. Live TV says:

    Not bad 🙂

  15. beautiful jewellery says:

    Your dress is so beautiful, I wonering you like it very much, you like beautiful dress and me too, So i find a so nice wedding dresses 2013 store,I think you have interesting to it.

  16. Vicky says:

    Love your dress and red shoes, it’s so sparklein crowd and the vintage jewellery you wear is beautiful too, the dress is simple but beautiful, white is my favorite you

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