Denim Jumpsuit + White Python

denim overalls

white blazer
Rayban wayfarers
White python shoes
denim jumpsuit

Jacket: Silence & Noise @ Urban Outfitters  (similars herehere). Denim jumpsuit: Asos (love it!) Like this, this & this too (love this short one!) Python shoes:  Coach.  Foldable wayfarers: Ray Ban. Drawstring bag: Thrift/vintage DIY studded (similars: here, here & here
This post is sponsored by Coach & Style Coalition
Can I just wear jumpsuits all summer? Dungarees included.  Instead of the usual ankle boots I wore this jumpsuit with my first pair of white strappy heels – yes – the first.  Stand back in amazement.
These are from the Coach Spring 2013 line.  I’ve made a bee line for their vintage style bags for years (see these posts) but these white python-embossed leather heels are getting added in.  I recently saw the collection which is about hand finished woven/embossed leathers, metallics, neons etc.
Also good with little black ankle socks 😉


  1. noe rebull says:

    Such a great combo ! Love the python shoes…of course, since I’m running a python leather bags store! haha
    Love it ! xx

  2. Em says:

    Is there anything you DON’T look amazing in?

    That jumpsuit is great! Works really well with the striking white of the shoes, coat, and bag!

    xoxo, Em

  3. Lucy Mason says:

    Great look! Wish I was that brave.

  4. inkarlcerating says:

    OMG THIS INSPIRED ME. CANT WAIT FOR MY 1ST WHITE BOOTS… i wish theres a lot of jumpsuits in the market. ur so chic. u know that already

  5. Miss Dennis-Reid says:

    Love the way you pulled off this outfit…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Waauw love that jumpsuit!!!

  7. Violet says:

    love love loving the denim jumpsuit! you have styled it just right with the white pieces! im getting a mag editor vibe and I like it!

    – Violet

  8. Laura Ward says:

    Absolutely stunning Karen!! Love the contrast of the white against the dark denim x x x

  9. Agnes says:

    OMG <3 I love it !!!!

  10. Hanne says:

    GOD, I love your styling!! This is just purely amazing, so simple and cool.
    Loving it!

  11. Shannon Willardson says:

    Love this paired with the white heels!


  12. Lucy C says:

    Gorgeous! Love how you tucked the bottom of the jumpsuit into the heels

  13. Karen says:

    Nikell – get it!! Trust me you won’t regret it. I already have a button down style denim jumpsuit but this one is so different and I actually prefer it.

    Alexia Mickens – I know right I love S&N.

  14. beautifuldisaster says:

    i love the white heels!!! iv’e been eyeing a black and white pair of sandals from zara for a while, but I love the snake print of yours!

  15. The White List says:

    Loving the jumpsuits! Okay, I know I’m a guy and everything but I got myself a jumpsuit a few months back in a vintage shop ( looks more like a boiler suit but I love it!) and recently just got myself dungarees! 🙂 Great minds… 🙂

  16. Karen says:

    Thx Beautifuldisaster – The python texture is what sold me on them style wise. Better than plain leather.

  17. Karen says:

    The White List – OMG I love boiler suits. In fact mine is one too! I just called it a jumpsuit. Heck – its only words. Dungarees never go out. I know they’re having ‘a moment’ right now but they’ll always be around to wear so good purchases and yes great minds ; )

    Yolanda – thank you! Thats what I thought when I first saw it. When I hit the ‘view catwalk’ to see the model strut in it that was it. Add to cart.

  18. Jennifer Malcriada says:

    Girl this suity thingie is INSANE. I love it like a sickness but you need some seriously extra ego-strength to pull it off. My fear of white leather shoes (stemming from an 80s childhood) makes me timid, but these are gorgeous, and the DIY’d bag is giving me ideas too…in short, and in summation, SICK from head to toe.

  19. Mariam Sesay says:

    The blue jumpsuit,white shoes and over sized blazer; Brilliant.

  20. AbbYoyo says:

    OMGosh. you look amazing. I just rediscovered you and your Awesomeness today but I will be back!

  21. Fashion Realm says:

    Which size you have this playsuit and which you usually wear for example in Zara. Please help because I want buy this and I dont know which choose. Im sorry for my eanglish.

  22. Justina deans says:

    Love it
    beautiful jeans and nice look of that lady , thanks for share dear !!
    i love it really and love to see it again 🙂
    thanks for share !
    Mens and Womens Fashion

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